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I'm pretty sure most of you know by now, but Simutronics updated their message boards around April 8th, 2002.  They also wiped the boards clean, but put the message boards as they were April 27th into a temporary archive.  As of this writing, April 10, 2002, it is Simutronics intention to remove these archives after a month or two.

Someone on the boards came up with the idea of saving the Songs to Share folder, and I was thinking the same.  I looked over all the folders, I'm going to add the GM Announcement folders, but I think those two are the only ones we need "for prosperity".  Anyone feels strongly about another folder, let me know.

Songs to Share  322 posts  November 22, 1997 - April 5, 2002

GM Announcements  173 posts  July 24, 1997 - April 7, 2002