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"Latest News" is through June 2nd, 2002 only.  As of September 12th, 2002, I can only say it is still my intention to catch up as time allows.

Category Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players (1) 
Topic Game Master and Official Announcements (1) 
On Jun 2, 2002 at 16:02 
Message Recollecting Old Stories (78) 

Several bards have reported sharper memories of old stories, especially as they were strolling around Gull's View and Albreda Boulevard.

Category The Bards (15) 
Topic General Discussions - Bards (3) 
On May 31, 2002 at 11:19 
Message Thank you (438) 


I just wanted to drop by and express my thanks, and those of the rest of the Trader Team, to all the Bards who performed at our opening of the Riverhaven Traders' Guild expansion. While I didn't get see complete performances by everyone as I was wandering around making sure everything was working as intended, those that I did see were quite impressive.

I did hear some comments from a few folks about the performing area and how nice it was. One of the goals I had in planning the expansion was to help create ties between Traders and Bards. I hope that with a facility that Traders can rent for parties that there will be more calls for Bards to perform, especially as there is a room set up in the banquet area for just that reason.

Again, thank you to all that performed for us last night. The whole event, from the auditions to the opening party were quite a bit of fun, if a bit tiring.


Godrich de'Finchal

Category The Bards (15) 
Topic General Discussions - Bards (3) 
On May 4, 2002 at 11:01 
Message Some thoughts on where we are, and where we're going. (216) 

I can see that there are still some reservations about the direction that magic is headed in regards to bards. Or heck, where bards are headed. While that is normal and to be expected, let me also point out something that seems to have been overlooked. <g>

The people who will be working upon the major part, the core, of bardic magic are also the same ones who have done the same rewrite for traditional magic. What this means is that magic, as a whole, will become balanced and continue to stay that was as more abilities, devices, spells or enchantes are added over the years. No longer will spells be created to duplicate bardic effects and surpass them (though the two may overlap from time to time), nor will bards remain so magically deficient in comparison to their fellow magic-wielding guilds. We will take our place as a uniquely dervied magic-utilizing profession, with some power to back up that claim.

Does this mean we'll learn Murulla's FireBall of Death? Probably not. But it does mean that we will be learning more of ways to combine our lore and our magic, and refine our ability to control magic as a whole. Not just in enchantes, which utilize our musical lores to focus and enhance our magical skills, but in new ways that will only add to a bard's unique flavor as we progress through the years.

That is all fine and dandy, but what about combat you ask? Well, who says lore solely involves hitting the books? Dashery hit on a very good example how lore, knowledge, can be used directly in a conflict. Like every one of the other skillsets, one can easy bleed into the other, and it depends only upon the limits of our imagination when it comes to building upon them.

Yaknow... y'all are very right in saying that bards as they are now are underdeveloped and need a major boost not only to their current repitoir of abilities but to gain a wider selection of them as well. The expansion of the magic system to encompass enchantes is a large step in the right direction on this score, but by no means the only one. So many ideas have been posted, dreamed, thought up over the years that this doesn't even scratch the surface of all we want to have done. To make all of those would take the rest of our lives, not to mention those thought up in the interim. Under Maelona's guidance what we're learning to do is distill these thoughts into workable plans, and to go forward from there so that we may get them created and released without the delay that has occured in the past. This will take time, to be sure, and time that we can scarcely spare with the fact that it has been *so* long since something has been released. But it is time that will have to be spent, in the end that cannot be avoided.

So, where do we go from here? Only upward and onward. :)


Category The Bards (15) 
Topic General Discussions - Bards (3) 
On May 3, 2002 at 13:02 
Message Re: Questions afore I get bent outta shape (191) 

<< I really need some reassurance that 1) We're not going to get the shaft 2) We're not going to get the shaft 3) we're going to get serious POWAH... 4) we're not going to get the shaft.... >>


You're not going to get the shaft.

You have to realize, though, that Bardic Magic is different from "regular" magic because it has the dual aspect of both musical effect and magical effect. You have to be ready for us to handle that differently from regular magic.

My attitude? Bardic Magic ought, in theory, to be less resistable than "regular" magic because of the musical component. Regardless of any target's resistance to regular magic, we're not introducing some kind of "music resistance" concept whereby individuals are going to attempt to resist both the magical AND the musical side of the effects of Bardic magic.

<< , here is the question... based upon what I did read, it appears that magic will now fail based upon MR not only of barbs, but all other magic users... >>

You really have to keep this in perspective, Kat. You sound like you believe that a 10th level Commoner is going to shrug off the effects of even the most powerful enchante. I request merely that you set aside some appropriate quantity of credit for our ability not to do bloody stupid things like that, mkay? <grin>

Remember: ALL magic resistance (critter, Barbarian and otherwise) is going to be a question of degree. With sufficient skill, any magic user (including Bards) will have the ability to overcome a target's magic resistance. Please try to set aside both your fear of the worst case scenario in regard to magic resistance in general being overpowerful, and your knowledge of the current magic resistance situation because it is going to change radically. The whole system of magic resistance is going to become much more dynamic rather than the black and white, all or nothing silliness it is now. You'll see a much more visible *range* of resistance - ranging from someone's resistance being completely overwhelmed by the power of someone else's magical spell at one end of the scale, all the way up to someone's resistance completely overwhelming the caster's ability to create the spell effect at the other end of the scale. Note, though, that these are the ENDS of the scale. The vast, vast majority of situations you will encounter in normal gameplay will fall nearer to the middle of the resistance scale, whereby we're talking about partial resistance and partial reduction of spell power.

<< all the **EXTREMELY HARD EARNED** tdps I've specifically spent to boost my enchantes to have some kick... might be for naught, that some freak barb with "innerfire" or freak Mage "with more PM" might be able to resist me, more than they do already... This is bildgewater. Please correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption... >>

No, n-n-n-n-no no, no no. Will that do for a correction? <grin>

I'll elaborate nonetheless. First of all, Bards aren't the only people who've invested extremely hard earned TDPs in improving themselves, so you should probably drop the martyr bit because it's not an argument that applies only to Bards. Second, no investment of TDPs is ever for naught; increasing stats can only ever improve your functionality, same as for everyone else.

Third, and most important, you're misunderstanding what has been said about PM, so listen up and let's get it completely straight. :)

We have never said that Primary Magic factors into a target's ability to resist magic. We haven't said what factors into a target's magic resistance score at all, yet, and we probably won't. All we HAVE said about Primary Magic is that it DOES factor into someone's ability to OVERCOME a target's magic resistance. In other words, your PM score factors into your ability to overcome a target's magic resistance with your spell.

As for Barbarians, their inner fire score will factor into their ability to resist magic, acting like a bonus to their base magic resistance (which is no different from anyone else's base magic resistance - it's that basic level of resistance to the manipulation of mana as it passes through the body that we've realized all animate beings must have in order for all this to make sense).

When Magic 2.1 first comes out, we don't think we'll be ready yet with the dynamic bonusing functionality of Barbarian inner fire, because we're having to rewrite inner fire completely. (Without getting into a long winded explanation of it all, it's basically because, at the moment, inner fire is "the same size" in all Barbarians whether they be 1st level or 100th level. They either have all their inner fire, or their inner fire is depleted to various degrees by their activities - but when they have "all their inner fire," that quantity is the same in all Barbarians, which obviously makes no sense at all. It needs to be weaker in young Barbarians, and get stronger with increasing relevant stats.) However, when inner fire is rewritten to become a more dynamic thing, and something that is not "the same size" in all Barbarians, again clearly you'll see that even with this bonus, their magic resistance will be scaled to their "size".

I hope this goes some way toward answering your questions and preventing you from getting bent out of shape, which would be uncomfortable for you and probably quite alarming for everyone else to witness. As I've stated, I already support your position that there needs to be a difference between regular magic resistance and how resistance of Bardic magic is handled, because of the music influence. We haven't got any numbers yet, because we're not in a place to put that all together until we turn our attention to resolving all the various issues with Bardic magic.

To your final point - your request for some serious powah. Well. That's rather a subjective thing, and therefore not something we can necessarily debate out to a single conclusion, because what I might call "some serious powah" for a Bard, you might not concur is seriously powahful. I don't see that, level for level and skill for skill, Bards ought to be in a position to deal with Enchantes the kind of damage that Warrior Mages deal with their magic, because we're talking about two signficantly different job descriptions here.

Bards are not going to mutate and evolve until they are effectively indistinguishable from Warrior Mages but for the fact that you create spell effects with musical manipulation of elemental mana and they create spell effects from direct manipulation of elemental mana. Nor do I envisage Bards getting Enchantes that match Warrior Mage spells, level for level, on the damage dealing scale. To do that would be to throw Guild differences to the wind and say "Well, Warrior Mages are basically Bards that don't sing so well. Bards are just Warrior Mages with a bigger Lore requirement." You know? Both Guilds need to do their different jobs differently.

In other words, I don't think anything is going to happen that is suddenly going to take the entire Bard Guild and thrust it onto the front lines of combat as a general principle of what the Bard Guild is all about. Undoubtedly, individual members of the Guild will be in a position to develop their abilities such that they are highly functional in combat, but that will always be an individual gaming choice rather than the "personality" of the Guild as a whole.

<< what are we supposed to do with magic that sucks now, that will most likely be suckier with all this MR, etc.? Is this being taken into account? Are bards going to be adversely affected during this "time" that could easily run into the "months" category? >>

Someone point Kat at the keg. Her glass appears half empty, which is some serious negligence for a Bard. ;)

Kat, respectfully I refer you to my earlier answer about moving your mindset away from what you now know of MR, and what you will soon learn of new MR. Nothing is being done differently for Bards to take account of changes in Magic Resistance until such time as your Enchantes are functioning as part of the traditional magic system, no; you're just going to have to live with whatever situation comes down the pike for that period of time between Magic 2.1 and Magic 2.2 - The Enchantes Pack. However, given that all magic resistance will function on a scale of effectiveness, it will always be a fact of your life that if you want to overcome magic resistance, you're going to need to train accordingly. This is a principle of Dragonrealms game design and not one I see a need to change as a special reference to Bards, since this is going to be common to all magic users.

PAFO is the principle here. Don't assume everything is going to suck; PAFO if it sucks, and then we'll talk some more. :)


Category The Bards (15) 
Topic Game Master and Official Announcements (1) 
On Apr 11, 2002 at 22:17 
Subject Bardic Song Contest! (2) 

Greetings! I'm GM Koyta. Some of you may know me from my obsession with quests, but all you wonderful Bards will be hearing from me a bit over the next few months! I'm going to be making some Bard stuff that I hope you all will enjoy, in addition to my normal quest work. To start things off, I'd like to run a bit of a contest. A song-writing contest. The winning songs will be performed by an NPC that will be placed in an Inn. More details will be given about specifics once it opens. A few rules first.

1) You MUST be a Bard to enter.
2) Entries must be emailed to DR-KOYTA@PLAY.NET by Friday, April 19th with the subject line: BARD SONG CONTEST.
3) Each song submitted should have 'verses', or be sectioned into portions that can be more easily sung. Verses should be at least three lines, but no more than twelve, and should be at least somewhat consistent in their lengths through the song.
4) Though there's no strict limit on length, I'd prefer something of a reasonable size, no epics. No more than fifteen short verses or ten long ones.
5) All songs must be IC and within policy.
6) All entries must be entirely your own original work.
7) All entries become the property of Simutronics.

Now you may ask, "Koyta, what's in it for me?" And I'd say, "That is an excellent question!" While my evil quest-building side says... "Bury 'em under a glacier!" my nice, bardic side says that's just not right. So, besides having your song repeatedly performed for all to enjoy, with proper credit given by the NPC each time your song is sung, the winners will also receive... ::drum roll:: an instrument alteration by the lovely and talented GM Deryka! For free! The alteration will be appearance only, and she has final say on what she will and won't do. So, get your creative juices flowing and get used to hearing from me, because this is only the beginning!

GM Koyta (Who is working on earning her honorary Bard badge.)

Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Mar 31, 2002 at 22:47 
Subject Where things stand: (270) 

Hiyas everyone,

I've a few things to address for ya'll, so here goes:

First and foremost, I made the promise to get you a new song by today, and I have not delivered on that -- I give you my deepest apology for not meeting that deadline, and for leaving you hanging untill today without an update. The time I've been able to devote here to the work I've committed to was eaten up by some rather troublesome otherworldly issues, much to my dismay. The specifics of it all are really irrelevent here, the result it comes down to is I blew it for ya'll.

I know this is a dissapointment to you, as it is to me, for new items such as this are what you've wanted for quite some time. The next question on your minds has to be, "ok, well...when then?" My commitment to you all is to have this out as quickly as possible, and will post any and all updates on my progress.

Please accept my sincere regrets on this one folks, I'll do everything I can to correct this.

Warmest Regards,


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic General Discussion (4) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Mar 8, 2002 at 11:12 
Message Re: On reputation. (7629) 

There is no such thing as Bardic Reputation.

You reputation is something that you make when you speak with other bards, when you attend weddings or events, when you show prowess in combat, or otherwise interact with the people around you.

What you're referring to as reputation is something else entirely, which we haven't said much about over the years, and is intended to be expanded and reworked as time goes on. But I can tell you for certain, it's not your reputation. :P

(And yes, I'm being vague on purpose. I have to go nag Hoome to see how much he wants said. <g>)


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Mar 6, 2002 at 19:56 
Message Are you BLUFFing? (263) 

Thanks to the wonderful coding by Rigby and the talented writing of Cadaya, we present to you the BLUFF verb for your use. This is a verb that has some unique possibilities for Bards...

Hah! As a Bard, you can BLUFF like so...

BLUFF <player|item|critter>
BLUFF <self>
BLUFF DISTRACT to gain a better chance at hiding.
BLUFF AMAZE to put on a charismatic show.
BLUFF DEAD to play dead. *** Be warned, this could get you killed! ***

Have fun with it guys, and feel free to report any bugs you find using either the BUG verb or the appropriate Bard Bugs folder. :) Some of it will be taxing to use, or require a certain amount of skill, so make sure that you play around with it a bit to see how it works before depending on it in a hectic situation.

Speaking of hectic situations, beware of using BLUFF DEAD where it can get you killed. If you are NOT successful in convincing others of your performance you may find yourself laying down, at melee, and in RT. Your best bet is to get with a group of friends and play with it first to see how it works.

This is what Hoome, Maelona, and I have been having so much fun testing lately. :)

<hugs alla ya bardies>

PS I still say that BLUFF SELF makes you look like Gollum. <raspberries various GMs>

Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Feb 24, 2002 at 23:28 
Message Instrument Contest Winners (261) 

Congratulations, instrument contest winners. If you were the
creator of a winning entry in the Design An Instrument contest,
you should be receiving an email shortly from me detailing how
to collect your prize. If you don't receive an email, it's
because the email address listed in your billing information
isn't set up right.

I'm also going to be snagging folks in-game when at all possible
if the email bounces back to me. <grin> If you have any
questions at all, don't hesitate to drop me an email at

Again, congrats folks!


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Feb 24, 2002 at 00:21 
Message Several Bug fixes and a Verb (259) 


Four items have been implemented after the Bard meeting.

We've adjusted the Resolve to message you if you succeed vs someone in hiding (and lose), since it gives ya'll some twitches. It will not say who they are, but since you feel it you should know it.

There was a naughty bug with Nexus, where it wouldn't let you affect mana in a room that was technically 'grouped' with others. Basically, it thought it was the same room, so people would get the message that they couldn't force the mana in the room. Thanks to the lovely Deryka that bug is outta here.

The long standing bug with Percussion instruments and bonding is history. If you're fully bonded it should message every time you clean, and the process of bonding should be a little quicker. It's still slower than winds or strings, but better than it was before.

Lastly, we've a new verb for ya'll, PRACTICE. It's a neat little RP tool that any guild can use...but others don't look quite as good as we do. When you get to play with this later, feel free to post suggestions in the Bard Folder (general discussions), I'm more than able to expand this.



Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Feb 24, 2002 at 00:29 
Message Re: Several Bug fixes and a Verb (260) 

<g> Serves me right for posting after a meeting, that should have read for the Resolve, to message you if lose vs someone in hiding, since it gives you some twitches.


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic The Open Stage (17) 
On Feb 19, 2002 at 14:08 
Message Attention Performers: Open Auditions Being Held! (125) 

Greetings All,

I cordially invite all groups and performers to particpate in a audition to play at the Order of the White Rose's future Ball.

The audition can be anything you desire to show to us, we ask that each group/performer(s) to limit their audition to a 20 minute show. All auditions will be willingly listened to then judged when all have had the chance to perform. No I'm not asking for all auditions be on the same day, that's just too much to take in at once.

If you are interested in performing, please contact me at so that we may set up an audition time. I look forward to all of you flooring me with your abilities!

Matrina de'Arville Bard Advisor, Order of the White Rose

Category Cities, Provinces and Other Areas (25) 
Topic Throne City (17) 
By DR-RIGBY from PLAY.NET (Magic Team Supervisor) 
On Feb 1, 2002 at 16:08 
Message I Heard A Rumour... (531) Throne City. Enough said, Bards. ;)



(1/30/02)  *** PREMIUM ONLY ***
NEWS 4 3

In an attempt to bring the arts to the masses, Countess Vanassa will be hosting performances at the Strand Communal Center's music room. The following performers have agreed to entertain you:

Febuary 1st at 9:30 PM EST - Xanzia Nikatime

On Febuary 15th in the music room there will be an open audition for future performers.

Please come and enjoy,
The Estate Holder's Council

Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic General Discussion (4) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Jan 29, 2002 at 22:09 
Message Re: Heyo (7181) 

As per the news:

Due to conflicting schedules, the guild-wide bard meeting has been rescheduled for 
2/23/2002 at 9pm EST. This meeting will be held in the Crossing Amphitheater, and 
transportation will be provided from most major cities around Elanthia. If you would 
like to enter in pre-meeting questions, the MEETING verb is open to take one question 
per account. (Note: If you accidently put in a blank question, we'll be erasing 
those as we find them so that you may re-enter them.)

<< What is the date of the meeting... has it been officially chosen or ?

Thank you,

Katralyn >>

As to releases in Feb, there should be several, but I'll go into more detail in the 


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic General Discussion (4) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Jan 29, 2002 at 22:02 
Message Re: A question on DR:TF (7180) 

Regarding TF:

<< Will this result in those things that are one game specific being pushed further 
down the priority list in favor if those things that will impact both games and 
therefore a larger customer base? >>

I'll be designing for Bards with the Prime/Plat game in mind, if it benefits those 
instances it'll benefit TF inherently. Most of the Plat Bard population had more RP 
type ideas at the last meeting, but for the next year at least most of what I will do 
will be Magic/Enchante/skill related. How things aside from that develop will depend 
on how the team comes together over the course of things.


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Jan 30, 2002 at 01:56 
Message Muspar'i Facepainter (258) 


Smokethi, the Muspar'i Facepainter is back at work =) I've put this info in Talk to 
Simu, but I thought ya'll might like to know directly.


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic General Discussion (4) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 21:58 
Message Re: An Introduction: The Bard's Domain (7148) 

Whew. Gotta love catching up on the bulletin boards. To address a few issues --

Magic and Elemental Mana:
Yowza, some good conversation here. Thanks everyone that posted, including our lurking Mage in the background. <G>

Rate-wise we're still on schedule, just got a wee slowdown because of my incapacitation with the computer. :/ That can't be helped, though I'm trying to get caught up as quickly as possible as work winds down from the holiday crush and as I get this computer up to speed. I'm also not able to access any old mail as yet, since it's sitting on an inaccessable HD, so if anyone sent me anything they need a response on, please re-send it? Same old addy as usual.

The Guild Requirements:
This is something that's been in a state of evaluation for some time, and if some of you folks who've been reading the bbs for the past year will recall, the subject has cropped up several times on the bulletin boards with some very interesting reading. To be perfectly honest, I think the guild requirements are something that we'll probably be continuously evaluating on some level as long as Hoome and I are both on the Bard Team, whether or not there's an 'official' request to report about it. We'll simply keep an eye on things and touch base from time to time if there's something that looks like it may need addressing. If there's an area we feel needs changing, we'll get with Maelona and talk it out with her, and see what/if any changes will be made. Period.

As to the evaluation of the 100th level requirements, I don't think we're at that much more of a disadvantage as other guilds. There are *many* systems that either don't work as intended or aren't entirely built yet. This is not a game that will ever reach the status of 'finished', remember, nor will any of the guilds in it. As long as there are GameMasters, new additions will be offered to each guild, system, or area of the game. Just because one guild is seemingly developed more or less than another makes no difference -- we'll be working to develop a set of requirements that fits both the needs of the guild itself, and yet have it balance with the needs and strengths of other guilds in the game.
I guess I'm just not understanding the agitation on this subject. <grin> We told you folks we were evaluating requirements last summer, and now that you heard our boss was asking for an actual report on it, you're getting worried. Don't. Nothing's changed in our points of views, the only thing that's changed is the fact that you now know Maelona wants a report from everyone on the subject, too.
Kudos to Maelona and Cadaya for their enlightening posts on the subject. Also ... can we move this discussion to the appropriate folder, please, if it's not there already? <g>

Instrument Contest Winners:
As soon as I'm back on the ball here (shortly <growl!>) I'll be nudging folks again about getting the instruments out to you. <adds it to her list of things to do>

What Raaziaar said.

And last but certainly not least ...

Swoko you're not allowed to leave. <whine> So lets just say 'see you later', ok? You'll be missed by many, including some you probably don't remember any more. Warm thoughts and wishes to you, wherever your feet (and typing fingers) take you.

<snatches up every one of you into a hug and squeezes you until you *meep*!>


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Enchantes, a matter of Bardic magic (6) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 22:18 
Message Re: Combat enchante (2775) 

<<At around 70th can we get an enchante that works as well for us as Dragon Dance does for barbs or Benediction does for Clerics?

I'd like to see us get a stat-enhancing enchante instead of a rank one, which is powerful, and yet doesnt kill us off thru fatigue drain. Personally at this point I dont even mind if it teaches. I am just tired of the burden/evasion/armor penalties. Bards need some combat bonuses. Heck, moonies dont even have a combat req and they have seer's sense.

Piex >>

How do you know your enchantes only affect ranks? ;)


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Enchantes, a matter of Bardic magic (6) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 22:19 
Message Re: Magic lists (2776) 

<<<<River of Time No Circle Defined. This enchante can speed up/slow down the flow of time around the bard, and the resulting actions of creatures or people.

When do we get this enchante?>>

Me thinks it probably got stuck on 'slow down', so we wont see it anytime soon :( <chuckles>>>

Do you know, there was a rumor around for a while (that I heard before I was hired) that they tried to code this and it crashed the game twice? <g> I've absolutely NO idea if it was true or not, but the gist of it was close to home -- this one is a toughie to code. However, I've no doubt that Hoome can handle it.


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Suggestions for Improvement of the Guild (7) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 22:03 
Message Re: Urns/Buckets in the Performance Halls (1971) 

Those aren't buckets. Those are 'mascots'. Pets if you will. You might even find (or recall) a log posted to the bbs about the time poor Ralpho got sick, or the scandalous love affair between the buckets in Crossing and Shard. The buckets *stay*. Hmph.

There are a couple thoughts I can bounce off of Hoome on the subject of suppressing the messaging ... but in the meantime, why not squelch the lines guys?


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Suggestions for Improvement of the Guild (7) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 22:05 
Message Re: Removing from the Guild. (1972) 

<<Can we get something along these lines to keep the harrassment freaks out as well? >>

Hold that thought. :)


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Guild Guru Announcements (1) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 01:28 
Message Bard 'Reputation' (255) 

The reputation 'hit' to a Bard that kills another of the 11 races has been reduced. It's still a noticible drop, and repeated offenses are cumulative, so you can still end up with a trashed Rep.


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Bard Bugs (3) 
By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 12:38 
Message Re: Bugs and Bug Updates ... (754) 

As Hoome stated at the meeting last summer, he is evaluating the bard requirements to see what/if any changes are needed to be done. This is still taking place, and all comments/suggestions are welcome in the appropriate folders. You guys have already posted some interesting reading on this so far. <G>

Don't stress Jaeyle, things are pretty much going as planned. <tune!>


Category Bards -- The Bard's Conservatory (14) 
Topic Responses to Guild Guru (2) 
By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper) 
On Jan 18, 2002 at 01:02 
Message Re: Guild Meeting (1285) 


I think Deryka's still having problems since she hasn't responded to my mail for a few days, so I poked my head up here. Yes, we talked about being pushed _back_ at my request. We were set for the 9th of February before, so we're hoping for either the weekend of Feb 23 or March 2nd. Sorry about the mixup!


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By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green)
On Jan 14, 2002 at 12:14
Message Bugs and Bug Updates ... (751)

Catching up ...

The repair kits from Leth are fixed ... again. <squishes the bug> I don't know why it came back, but I'll monitor it to see what's going on.

The songbooks indeed won't be readable if you have too much in the way of eye injuries. Think of it as a nagging headache that won't let you concentrate on your music. :)

The problem with the cases and instruments from Muspar'i I'll look into -- part of the problem is that you're trying to fit large drums and woodwinds into a case built for medium-sized instruments like lutes and mandolins. These aren't the modern versions you can take apart and pack away into a padded case, they're the older and more cumbersome versions. But I'm still seeing what can be done to lighten the burden for carrying them. <g>

The shadowling and song scroll bug I've passed onto the Sock Dude.

Problems with verbs and roundtime have been (or are in the process of) being passed onto their various owners and the Sock Dude.


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By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On Jan 14, 2002 at 12:22 
Message Bard Guild-Wide Meeting (252) 

Hoome and I've discussed the meeting and what we want to happen, and come to the conclusion that the meeting date will indeed need to be pushed back to either the 26th of January, or 2nd of February. The meeting time itself, 9pm EST, would stay the same. Please let us know your preferences for either date either in the Responses version of this topic, or under Bard-Related Events.

The MEETING verb will be updated once I've heard from some of you guys as to what the new date should be.


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By:  DR-VALDRIK from PLAY.NET (Chicken Mage) 
On:  Jan 8, 2002 at 20:52 
Message:  Re: The Bard and the Web of Fate (7002) 


I'll throw out some thoughts, and hope Hoome wont bash my head in because of them <grins>.  (Every send calm soothing vibes towards Hoome).

So why do Bards use Elemental mana?  Why not life, or lunar, or holy.  Some of the answers may be kind of obvious, others might not.  As Espritia mentioned, Bards use mana, because the "Inner-powered" abilities of Barbarians and Thieves are by far and large self-oriented.  A Thief can't pull a Bewitched move, wiggle their nose and flick a pony-tail and make you hide and sneak better <grins>.  Likewise, most Barbarian abilities are self-oriented.  Though, granted some of their abilities work more on par with the Paladin lead ability.

So we've established that Bards should use mana.  Or, let's face it, music would be more "mundane" and less "magical."  So why don't they use the others?  Well, music doesn't revolve around the belief in a God/dess or one's purity and virtuosity -- so holy mana is out.  Also, life mana.  It could be arguable that some music is very "ordered," or "chaotic" sounding.  However, even if music sounds a certain way -- it is still set up in a very ordered, prescribed manner.  Plus, if you want to affect emotions, or perception -- I don't think any emotion could be described as orderly, or chaotic.  <grins>.  That's just an opinion though.  Lunar mana is in a league of its own.  Ever wonder why only one guild uses Lunar mana?  Well, I don't honestly know what it was originally thought of, cause I didn't create Moon Mages.  However, the definition of Lunar mana, and how it operates is premised off of the odd situation that only one guild can use it.  So -- that's out (I know I didn't explain it well).

That leaves Elemental.  Now, even though I've listed it last, and eliminated everything out first -- don't get me wrong.  This manatype is by far, in my opinion, the best type of mana for Bards to use.  So don't feel like yer stuck with elemental cause nothing else applies <grins>.  And I'm going to try to be explanatory, without saying things I shouldn't.  Maelona and Hoome are probably reading this thinking about how many loops they're gonna tie into the noose they're tying for me <grins>.

To start, Bards do not use elemental mana on the level that Warrior Mages do.  Warrior Mages manipulate the elemental mana and shape it into what they want, in the form of an element.  A frost scythe, an ice patch, a fire ball, an aether lash, etc.  Elemental mana is derived from the very processes of creation.  I.E A magma flow, such as the one in Fire sprites, is very high in elemental mana.  Yet a pile of lava rocks, isn't.  It's a bit hard to put into words exactly what constitutes elemental mana and an element, but just trust me in that there's a difference.

Everything around you is formed of elements.  This kind of works like the scientific premise (Astronomy) that everything around you is made up of stardust, on a basic level.  Galaxies, universes, etc, are formed by stardust moving together and combining, you get planets, planets, given the right circumstances get life, etc etc etc.  It's a very scientific approach, no offense to you Theologians :).

To draw my paralell, if everything is made up of elements...then attempting to manipulate elemental mana (a mana of creation and change) in certain ways will create a change of some sort.  Be it forming a frost scythe...or attempting to make someone's body more apt to heal faster.  So it can be said (finally get to the dern point Valdrik!), that a Warrior Mage is adept at manipulating elemental mana to create a change in his or her surroundings, while a Bard is adept at manipulating elemental mana within a person/critter -- to do some sort of effect.  Be that making one's body more prone to heal, or more receptive to one's teachings, etc.

I'll also give you another example.  I take martial arts.  For martial arts buffs, I take what's called To-Shin Do, a modernized form of Taijutsu (also known as Ninjutsu).  In To-Shin Do, and Taijutsu there are different styles/attitudes towards a given situation.  There's Earth attitude, where you're very rooted, extremely solid, ungiving.  Confident and aware.  So the moves while defending in that "style" aren't very flashy, or fluid.  You're feet don't move all that much.  Then there's water, which is fluid and defensive.  There is Air, which is extremely fluid, you move around a lot, and flow with the situation.  There is Fire, which is your offense.  This would be sort of know yer in a scrap, so you're going to hit first.  It's very aggressive.  And then there's Void.  Its a combination of all the other elements (that's only way I can explain it).

So you could say that Bard Magic manipulates elemental mana, evoking a certain attitude within someone too.  It could be a fiery attitude, making the person more aggressive (therefore better at combat).  Could be water, making the person more fluid and conforming (therefore better at defense).  It could be air, where you're much more aware of things around you, and reactionary (survival bonuses).  I could list more, but I wont, this is getting quite lengthy <grins>.

These are my thoughts and rationale as to why *I* feel that Bardic Enchantes should remain how it is -- utilizing elemental mana.  I've also probably stated a bit much :).  And also probably paralleled too much <grins>.  It's all Espritia's fault!  She's the one that pointed me over here <ducks>.


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Message:  Re: The Bard and the Web of Fate (7000) 

<<Well, let me put in my two coppers here.  As stated on the Magic boards, life magic comes from the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth.  I don't really see Bards drawing their mana from this, except, perhaps, in the case of Hodierna's Lilt (as was mentioned by Seldaren).>>

Just a wee little nitpick as I get fired up for a larger response.  On the magic boards, its stated that Life Mana is a product of the ongoing struggle between order and chaos.  The cycle of life, birth, and rebirth is just one piece of the pie :).


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By:  DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green) 
On:  Jan 8, 2002 at 19:08 
Message:  Guild-Wide Meeting (251) 

The MEETING verb is now open to take any Bardic questions for the upcoming guild-wide meeting. This is a device to help us prepare some more involved answers to your questions, or look into issues that should be answered before the meeting takes place.

Type MEETING INFO 1, while in the game, and you'll be supplied with information about the meeting and submitting questions for it. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to post them in the Bard-Related Events topic.


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On:  Jan 8, 2002 at 16:18 
Message:  Of Absences and Updates (250)

Just popping in for a quick note:  I've been absent lately due to the death of my computer.  It's currently in the shop awaiting a tech to tell me just what is wrong and how many arms and legs it's going to cost to fix it. <g> (Hoome offered to fix it, but he lives too far away even for a moonmage to 'gate.)

In the meantime, I've usurped the computer of another family member and am hoping to get together with Hoome to discuss where we stand lately, and see if the meeting date needs adjusting at all what with the delays caused by my absence and the normal holiday madness.  I'll keep you folks as updated as I can, but since I'm back on dialup and don't want to tie up the lines, it's gonna be touch and go for a while.

I'm sorry about not being able to get a note off to you beforehand folks. :/  Stay in touch.


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On Dec 15, 2001 at 14:19
Subject Meeting Dates (6781)

Hey guys, any more thoughts on meeting dates before I go to reserve the day on the calender and request the day off from work? So far it's looking like one person can't make the 9th (Mardi Gras), one can't make the 16th (a concert), and the most of rest of you generally prefer the 9th. So... kinda leaning towards the 9th at the moment unless anyone's had any rescheduling in the interim. (Sorry Paerr!)

(12/14/01: NEWS 3 3)

Of Bards and Holidays...

For those of you who don't read the bulletin boards much, there are a few posts worth checking out if you'd like some laughs. Check out the Bard's Conservatory posts 6736+ in the General Discussions, or posts 254+ in Songs to Share. Posts elaborating on either section are always and heartily welcome.

Happy Holidays!!
The Bard Team

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By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green)
On Dec 12, 2001 at 00:33
Subject Re: The other "Ess's" have it, why can't we? (423)

Bard *is* a gender-generic title. "I am a Bard", "He is a Ranger", etc. We're probably the only guild that could get away with having a feminine version of their guild used as a title. Was that the only title you folks wanted genderized, while we're discussing this?


(Who most certainly plays a Bard, not a Bardess ... though she can see how many folks would love the latter. <g>)

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By DR-DERYKA from PLAY.NET (Messenger in Green)
On Dec 7, 2001 at 13:25
Subject Re: Flirting (726)

<<I'm sure that even though you don't like the idea, other bards would kill for it.>>

That's true for most any Bard and any ability, Sircha, which just makes us so fun and diverse. <g> To be honest, you guys heartily surprise me the very few times you DO seem to all agree on one thing that you'd like to see or have (aside from the generalities of enchantes or systems that've been long-asked for).

So, if you don't like the idea of flirting or charming the critters to do your will as it was decribed -- (this question is posed to anyone) -- what *would* you like to be able to do that is simlar? Cause their hearts to stop with your command? Let them swoon into stunned unconsciousness? We had some nice brainstorm started here once, lets keep it going. <g>


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By DR-HOOME from PLAY.NET (Licensed Keg-Tapper)
On Nov 22, 2001 at 08:16


Just wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, with all that's been going on in the world of late we've alot to be thankful for.

Just to give ya'll a little perk, I slipped in a few small changes this morning just for grins. The, the noisy Silvyrfrost isn't as noisy, I slowed her down a little bit (all the excitement of people running in and out was getting to her).

Second, you'll find the Eye and Grace a little easier to start up. You no longer need to do the 'Bardic two step', since you can start either song even if someone else is singing it already in that room.

Enjoy the extended weekend folks!


(11/21/01: NEWS 1 29)

Deathly Whispers.

"After much consideration and discussion on the message boards, those who wish to actually be a *good* corpse and not talk out loud can now WHISPER while dead."

(11/5/01: NEWS 3 3)

Bugs with playing Tapani from Muspar'i

Just a reminder.  If you have a tapani that tells you "You must free up your left/right hand to play the tapani." when you are trying to play it with a drum stick, please Assist and a GameMaster will be able to fix it for you!  Thank you to everyone who used BUG to report the problem!

(10/28/01: NEWS 3 3)

Design-An-Instrument Contest Winners!

The winners for the Design-An-Instrument contest are:

Drippy, for his drubbed lyre.
Raaziaar, for his dyed crystal flute.
Espritia, for her drum.
Lareine, for her liquor-bottle flutes.
Keia, for her steel-string mandolin.

Due to the very low volume of entries from DragonRealms Platinum, no winner was chosen from there. All winners were, at the time of entry, Bards from DragonRealms Prime.

Winners, you will be contacted about how to receive your prizes (which are a copy of your winning instrument and an alteration of a case for it), so please don't Assist or ask for a Referral regarding them. Congratulations to you all, and thank you everyone who entered!!!

NEWS 3 3 (Perpetual)

The DragonRealms list of Bard enchantes has moved to the DragonRealms web site and has been included with the spell lists.  Guild news and submission guidelines can still be found at