Parthenope Concert, 11/7/1998, Dreamheart’s Concert Series, Baearholt's Farmhold

As transcribed by Mykk Dalys


It has been 355 years, 377 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

It is the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Emerald Dolphin

It is currently winter.

It is noon.


A thick bank of grey clouds fills the sky from horizon to horizon. 


[Baearholt's Farmhold, Taproom]

Dark oak beams criss-cross the low whitewashed ceiling in the taproom of Baearholt's Farmhold.  In the corner, a bard sits on a tall stool playing a rapid melody on her gittern as patrons join in a hearty drinking song and sample the quality meads and ales for which Baearholt's is known.  You also see a menu, a polished mahogany counter with some stuff on it and a narrow door.




         THE GUEST LIST         



Priestess Parthenope Medusean, a Human

Ahira Bandy-Legs (sorry, no further information available)

Storyteller Ailill Dreaghnean, a Human Bard

Defender Belegol DragonsSon (sorry, no further information available)

Cemm Marcolin, a Human Warrior Mage

Dreamheart Delaevan, a Human Bard

Woundbearer Emeria (sorry, no further information available)

Jaiat (sorry, no further information available)

Jowanee Maybee (sorry, no further information available)

Laureate Khory Deshah, a Human Bard

Kienman Schada (sorry, no further information available)

Larisah Darwenwood, an Elf Bard

Ranger Littlefoot Elmseed, an Elf

Lothias DeRuyter (sorry, no further information available)

Millimbar Natok, a Human

Mocras Silivith, an Elothean Moon Mage

Mykk Dalys, a Halfling

Nekayah Astyrel, an Elothean Bard

Richard Rahl, a Gor'Tog

Scout Waddee McNibbin (sorry, no further information available)



Set List:


Wise Fish, Clever Fish, and Stupid Fish

Brave Little Sister Alyonushka


"Once there was a wandering man"




Lothias:  Journey Bread

"Once upon a sadden tear"




Your mind hears Ailill thinking, "don't anyone ferget that Parthenope will be performin tonite at Baerholt's in about 45 minutes"

Your mind hears Dreamheart thinking, "Come one, come all, in a little over 30 minutes, the End of the Week Concert begins at Baearholt's Taproom, which is just a few steps up the Trade Route as you go out the NorthEast Gate, turn at the Twisting Trail!"



Dreamheart exclaims, "Welcome everyone!"

Dreamheart says, "Last week, even in the utter chaos of the terror that reigned across the land, we met here and many people shared spooky stories."

Dreamheart says, "Tonight, we are priviledged to enjoy just one storyteller on the stage tonight."

Dreamheart says, "The refreshments are on the Bar. Please remember to keep your noise to breaks..."

Dreamheart says, "and give our performer, Parthenope, your full attention as she weaves one of the oldest of magics for us this night."

(Dreamheart lifts her glass to Parthenope.)

Dreamheart says, "The stage is all yours."





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Parthenope quietly says, "well, I'm sort of new at this.. "

Parthenope quietly says, "I'm sure we all need a smile or a laugh after the past events.."

Parthenope quietly says, "so I'll start the night with a rather light hearted fable of a tale, being a Priestess and all I can't help but have one dedicated to Eluned and her aspects..."

Parthenope clears her throat.


Parthenope says, "Wise Fish, Clever Fish, and Stupid Fish lived in a pool at the bend of a river. Upstream and downstream, the water ran fast and rough, over rocks through narrow channels. At this place, though, the water was quiet, deep and spread out wide between sandy banks. It was the nicest spot on the whole river, and the fish were very pleased with themselves for having found it. "


Parthenope says, "Sharing the pool had been Wise Fish's plan. "


Parthenope says, ""It is too large an area for one fish to defend," he'd said. "And if too many fish came in, there wouldn't be enough food to go around. Now, none of us could keep control on his own. However, if all three of us work together, sharing foodand defense, then we shall enjoy long and happy lives." "

A young wolf pants loudly.


Parthenope says, "Clever Fish spoke up at once."


Parthenope says, ""Truly, truly, truly you are the wisest fish on the river," he said. "I'm completely bowled over at the power of this idea. I would never have thought of it myself, but now that you've said it, I can see it all clearly." "


Parthenope says, "And he went on to rattle off, very quickly and with no apparent effort, a very complex plan for putting Wise Fish's idea into effect. He suggested a schedule of feeding times. He broke the day and night into watch patrols, explaining how to adjust for the shorter days of winter. He considered the different kinds of food and the different ways they could go about sharing them, and even had a "rough notion" (which took twenty-five minutes to explain) about resolving disputes among the three of them. "


Parthenope says, "In short, he laid out everything so clearly, and in such detail, that even Wise Fish praised his cleverness, and the practicality of his approach.  Stupid Fish hadn't understood half of it, but knew Clever Fish would repeat it to him slowly, when Wise Fish wasn't around. For the moment, he said only: "This has given me a lot to think about. I think I'll go and take a nap". For a long, long time, that's the way it was. "

Mocras takes a sip of his ale.


Parthenope says, "Then, one day, the three fish were swimming together when they saw a pair of fisherman looking down at them from above the surface of the water. "


Parthenope says, " "O, ho-ho!" said one fisherman to the other."Those three will make a dandy meal! You stay here and keep an eye on them; I'll unpack the nets." "


Parthenope says, "No sooner had he heard those words, than Wise Fish saw the situation and understood it for what it was. "It's hopeless!" he said. "Run for it!" And with a few powerful strokes of his tail, he disappeared around the bend. Once out of the pool, he knew, he'd be safe amid the rocks and rushing water. "


Parthenope says, ""Hey!" said the fisherman who was watching. "One of them just took off!"  Clever Fish paused for a moment. Maybe he was too surprised. Maybe he was too afraid. Maybe, just maybe he didn't want to admit that his clever planning couldn't stop the fishermen. His head swarmed with strategies and tricks,with maneuvers, plots, and improvisations. By the time he realized that Wise Fish was right, the fishermen had draped a net over the entrance to the upstream channel. "


Parthenope says, " "There's always the back door," Clever Fish said, and raced downstream to get away. But even as he swam, he saw another net drop before him, completely blocking his escape.  Clever and Stupid Fish swam in circles.  "I'm not worried,"Stupid Fish said."You'll think of a plan. You always do. In the meantime, I think I'll take a nap." "


Parthenope says, ""Nap!?" shrieked Clever Fish. "Nap?! Are you out of your mind? We have to use our heads!"  "You use yours for planning, I'll use mine for napping."  Clever Fish argued and coaxed and begged and cursed, but Stupid Fish was just too used to letting others do his thinking for him. He sank to the bottom in a deep sleep, relying on Clever Fish as he had always done. But Clever Fish relied on Wise Fish, and Wise Fish was gone. His mind raced this way and that, but without Wise Fish's words to guide them, a"


Parthenope says, "But no sooner did he hit bottom than a desperate plan sprang up in his mind. It wasn't a Wise Fish kind of idea, but the practical trick of someone Clever. He rolled to the surface with his fins in the air, not even moving his eyes or gills. "


Parthenope says, "Hey," said the first fisherman. "That one's dead. It's floating on the surface, and I'll bet it smells."  "Well, clear it out of there," said the other. "We don't need that fouling up the nets." So the first fisherman poked it with a stick and pushed it past the net at the downstream end of the pool. Clever Fish floated around the bend, and soon was safely out of sight. "


Parthenope says, "'By the time Stupid Fish woke up, the net had closed around him and his doom was sealed. The fishermen cooked him up then and there; all that fishing had made them hungry. "


(Parthenope smiles, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face..)


Parthenope says, "To Eluned, the wise, Lemiscus, the Clever, Drogor, the anti knowledge.."


Parthenope says, "A good story to tell to your gods when y'wish to favor them."





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Parthenope says, "now we all know there are stories which have been told too many times, ache, bah, I've a husband to support"

Parthenope says, "Well, we all know there are those stories that have been told countless times."

Parthenope says, "Normally I don't tell them, but then I recall that they are told so many times for a reason..."

Parthenope says, "We have the one of the Brilliant firebird and the journey to attain it.."

Parthenope says, "Or.."

Parthenope says, "Brave little Sister Alou..."

Parthenope asks, "Which one will it be?"

Parthenope says, "Your choice"

Parthenope says, "Well, females are rarely the heroines of stories, rather, just aids, so I will tell both my stories where females are actual charachters"

Parthenope says, "Not just pawns to aid the hero's glory.."

Parthenope smiles as she sips her mead...

Parthenope says, "First the one told many times then one told all too little.."


Parthenope says, "Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a brother and sister walked together down a long road. The sister's name was Alyonushka, and her brother was called Ivanushka. The two had been walking a long time when they came to a cow's hoof filled with water. "May I drink form it sister?" Little Ivanushka asked. "No, or you will turn into a calf." Alyonushka answered. Little Ivanushka was very thirsty, but obeyed his sister. He obeyed her again when they came to a horse's hoof filled with "


Parthenope says, "The brother and sister walked along further, and Ivanushka became increasingly thirsty. Then they came upon a goat's hoof filled with water. "May I drink from it?" Ivanushka asked. Alyonushka once again was firm, "No, if you do you will turn into a kid." But this time the boy disobeyed his sister and on his first sip turned into a little goat."


Parthenope says, "Alyonushka sat on the rode crying when a merchant drove by and inquired about her trouble. Alyonushka explained the situation to him, and he said that if she married him they could live happily with the goat. Alyonushka agreed, and so they lived happily this way for some time."


(Parthenope sighs, thinking she needs to talk a bit slower on some of these tales)


Parthenope says, "Then one day an evil witch tricked Alyonushka into going down to the river, where she tied a stone around her neck and threw her in. The witch then took on Alyonuska's form and lived as her for awhile. Only poor Ivanushka new the truth about his sister. Little did he know that the witch had plans for him too. When the wicked woman overheard him one day talking to his sister in the lake, she decided to ask the merchant to kill the little goat."


Parthenope says, "It was hard for the merchant to agree to kill Ivanushka, as he loved the goat like a person. But, begin deceived by the witch, he felt his wife's wishes to be the most important. Ivanushka asked the merchant if he could go to the river for one last drink before he died, and the merchant agreed. There at the river's edge the goat cried out to his sister, and she answered him that she couldn't help him with a stone tied around her neck. Neither the brother or sister realized that this time a peasant had overheard their conversation, and was on his way to stop the merchant form killing Ivanushka."


Parthenope says, "Upon hearing the peasant's story, the merchant ran to the river, found Alyonushka, and took the stone from around her neck."


Parthenope says, "Hrm.."

Parthenope furrows her brow.

Parthenope asks, "I suppose now I remembered why I don't tell such old tales so often?"

Parthenope covers her mouth with her hand.

[ed. note: Obviously, her script failed her.]





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Parthenope says, "I think I'll pass on Peter and the Firebird next performance if there is one..."

Parthenope says, "Let's move on to a story with deeper meaning..."

Parthenope says, "A love story of sorts.."


Parthenope says, "Between Damaris in one of his many gueses, and a young princess by the name of Nada..."


Parthenope recites:


    "Today I tell you a tale, starting in a city and it's land, a fertile land with many fruit trees, fat, plentiful, slow animals, simply close your eyes and throw a spear and your meal would be on the end of it.  The city was built of glass and spread farther then a man could walk in a day."


Parthenope recites:


    "And in that city, there ruled a queen, she was called Nada.  By the time she reached her sixteenth year, she was the most beautiful woman the sun had ever seen in his travels across the sky.  She ruled wisely and she ruled well, and when she said do this, it was done."


Parthenope recites:


    "But....  She had no man.  For when the women of her realm would say to her that she should take a husband, she would turn to them and say "Where is the man for me then?" and the women would fall silent."


Parthenope recites:


    "One day a stranger came to the city.  Tall he was and dressed all in black, flames danced in the depths of his robes, his eyes were stars in deep pools of dark water, and he said nothing to any man."


Parthenope recites:


    "But the night he came to the foot of the queen's tower and he looked up and Nada looked out of her window and she saw him below her and her heart was stolen away.  That night she did not sleep.  When morning came, she ordered that the stranger be brought to her but the stranger was nowhere to be found in the city."


Parthenope recites:


    "The queen ordered that men go out and find the stranger.   They hunted in the forests and on the mountins and in the deserts but they could not find the man. So Nada wept inside for she knew that she had found love and lost him."


Parthenope recites:


    "She went into the forest until she found the King of the Birds and told him her story. "Be he man or god, I will find him for you Nada, for are we not kings and queens together?"  And the great bird summond all the birds of the air to his throne and he demanded of all of them, "Have you seen this man" and each bird said "no" until it seemed that there were no birds left..."


Parthenope recites:


    "But there was one more bird, a white weaverbird, so tiny that they overlooked it.    "Little weaverbird, have you seen this man?" said the king.  The little bird nodded, she had seen this man late one night, beneath the moon, he had smiled at her and given her grain to eat.  Then, he vanished."


Parthenope recites:


    "The bird king nodded and replied "So, this is no man, no god, but something else.  Forget him Nada.  Find a man of flesh, bone, and skin, the other can never me yours...""


Parthenope recites:


    "And Nada lowered her head and she left that place but the weaverbird followed her and said to her "I have heard that there is a tree that grows on the mountains of the sun and on that tree grow berries of flame and if a human were to swallow a berry of this tree, it would take them to the side of thier true love""


Parthenope recites:


    "How am i to get a berry from that tree?"  Nada asked the weaverbird and the little bird says "I will fetch it for you""


Parthenope recites:


    "The little bird flew up into the sky so high that it vanished from sight while the queen waited below.  For a day she waited and at the end of the day she saw a speck in the sky above her.  it was the weaverbird, but it had been burnt a deep brown by the heat of the sun and in its beak it carried a berry from the trees that grow in the mountin of the sun."


Parthenope recites:


    "The weaverbird dropped the flaming berry of the sun tree on the ground in front of Nada's feet, the queen picked it up and said to the weaverbird "For what you have done no one of this land will ever harm you kind little bird" and so it was forbidden in that realm to eat the flesh of a weaverbird or harm it.  And Nada went back to her palace...."


Parthenope takes a sip of her mead.


Parthenope recites:


    "And there she went to her room and swallowed the fire berry though it seared her throat and she feel down as if in a deep sleep.  Her soul was pulled out and her spirit went walking.  It seemed to her that she was in a darkened world.   She came across two brothers, arguing over some sort of sacrice, one gave fruit, the other meat.  One brother killed the other then walked down the road, she said to the brother who was dead "What is this place?" he replied "this is the dreamworld my lady, this "


Parthenope recites:


    "She walked up to the house and went in to it.  The guardians let her pass because they could feel the fire berry flaming inside of her.  In the throne room she saw Kai'Ckul, the Dream Lord on his throne and his head was hidden, he said to her "Who are you, why do you come here?""


Parthenope recites:


    ""I seek a stranger for I love him, flames dance in the blackness of his robe, his eyes are stars in pools of deep water.  He came to my tower one night, looked up at me but he said nothing' At this Kai'Ckul removed his mask and she saw before her the stranger who had stood beneath her tower in the city of glass."


Parthenope recites:


    "And her heart sank within her for she had confessed  her love to one of the endless who are not gods and will never die like gods and in the twin stars of his eyes, she saw he loved her too."


Parthenope recites:


    "Terror seized her heart and she coughed and coughed until she coughed up the fire berry onto the floor of the dream lord's throne room and she awoke to her own room, standing beside her was the dreamlord "Why did you hunt me? he asked her. "Why did you flee me?" he questioned. "I hunted you because I love you more then mortal man has ever been loved by a woman and I fled you because it is not given to mortals to love then endless, only disaster can follow from it.  Disaster for you, for me, for"


Parthenope recites:


    "But Kai'Ckul shook his head "never has one loved me enough to seek me out, never have I seen another woman I would take for my own.  I would marry you nada and make you queen of my dreamworld to rule the dreams of all that dream by my side, to be with me forever, never to die as mankind knows death, and this I swear by the ruby on my chest" at this Nada was deathly afraid for though she loved him, she knew this was not ment to be and she could not contenance his destruction and hers for love is"


Parthenope recites:


    "So Nada took the form of a gazelle and ran until she could run no more but he came after her as a hunter and slew the gazelle, then she took on her own form again and ran into the wasteland, still her pursued her, she climbed a high mountain but he still came.  "He wants me to be his bride" she thought, "so if I guve up my virginity he will not want me" "


Parthenope recites:


    "So she took a sharp rock and with it took her maidenhood and she spilt her virgin blood on the earth where the blood fell, red flowers grew and she turned, Kai'Ckul stood there before her.."


Parthenope recites:


    ""You know I am no virgin?" she said expecting him to leave her be.  "I am no mortal man and I love you as no mortal man could what matters your body to me?"  And he touched her sex with his hand and at his touch she was healed completemy but her maidenhood was not restored."


Parthenope recites:


    "Then he took her hand and drew her into the darkness of his robe and there in the flames and the darkness they made love.  All that night they stayed together and every living thing that dreamed, dreamt that night of her face and her body, the warm salt taste of her sweat and her skin and every living thing that could dream, dreamed of love."


Parthenope takes a sip of her mead.


Parthenope recites:


    "When the sun arose that morning and saw the two of them together it know that something that was not meant to be but happened.  A blazing fireball fell from the sun and burnt up the city of glass, razing it to the ground leaving just a desert.  From the mountaintop, Nada saw the sun throw down the fireball, saw her city melt, saw her land become a parched wasteland.  "this is because of what we did, and worse will come if I stay by your side" she said to him."


Parthenope recites:


    "And then she took the Dreamlord, her lover by the hand, as lovers do, pushed herself to him, then released his hand and before he knew what she was about, Nada threw herself off the mountain and her body was dashed to death on the rocks below."


Parthenope takes a sip of her mead.


Parthenope recites:


    "After Nada died, her spirit awoke to itself in the forest of the borders of the realm of death and she knew there was one standing behind her, she turned and the dreamlord was there.   "You have hurt me, you could have been my queen, but instead you chose the realm of death" He bellowed, Nada hung her head low.  "once more I will offer my love to you, once more and that is all, if you refuse me a third time I will condemn your soul to eternal pain.  "


Parthenope recites:


    "So I ask you sweet love, for the last time, will you be my queen?  Answer me!" said Kai"ckul the Dreamlord to the dead Queen. "


Parthenope recites:


    ""how can I be your queen?" she asked him, "For my people are no more because of what I did and my city is a waste, if I were to stay with you more still, darker things would happen.  mortals do not marry the endless my love, now leave me to the realm of death Dreamlord, forget me" and she walked down the sunless road into the realm of death."


Parthenope recites:


    "But he caught up with her "PLEASE" she begged him, "Do not ask me again to be your bride, for if you ask me again I must refuse again and if I do that you will condemn me to eternal sufferring....  So leave me lord....""


Parthenope takes a sip of her mead.

Parthenope quietly asks, "and what have we learned from this Story?"

Parthenope smiles slightly..

Parthenope quietly says, "I've always liked, that sometimes, no matter how right things are.."

Parthenope quietly says, "they just cannae be..."

Parthenope quietly says, "issues of the heart usually are..."





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Parthenope says, "For the next story..."

Parthenope says, "For our next tale, I was not here for the fright night but I have my own tale of macabra, a little tragedy gone a bit too far this time with the much needed revenge..."

Parthenope clears her throat.


Parthenope says, "Once there was a wandering man who loved all the pretty women folk..."


Parthenope says, "From town to town he went, loving them and leaving them."


Parthenope says, "One day in a forest between to towns, fleeing from one hoping to find prey in the next"


Parthenope says, "he saw a lady with beauty near equal to those whom watch above and aid those below.  She bathed under a waterfall wearing nothing but her birthday suit."


Parthenope says, "Quickly he searched till he found her clothes and hid them in a hole waiting till she was done with her bath..."


Parthenope says, "When she left the pool she asked him if he saw what rougue fled with her clothes for she had not another pair on her."


Parthenope says, "He smiled holding charm and bowed with a wolfish smile and told him he was that rougue"


Parthenope says, "When she requested that she have them back he agrees though only on the terms that she becomes his lady love."


Parthenope says, "she agreed to be his lady love, if he would marry her at the first church they came to."


Parthenope says, "to this he agreed.  She asked him what should happen if he broke his word.  To this he replied"


Parthenope says, "If I break my word, may our children grow wings of swans and fly away never to be seen again.  He thought to himself no big deal if they do."


Parthenope says, "If I break my word may my body be meal for the worm.  That will happen anyways, he thought."


Parthenope says, "So they kissed..."


Parthenope says, "So they hugged..."


Parthenope says, "so they lay upon the ground and did much more then that..."


Parthenope says, "On the road after, they came to a church."

The bandages binding Ahira's back soak through with blood as it begins bleeding again.


Parthenope says, "with a smile of hope and good will, she requested that they get married there."


Parthenope says, "no' he replied.  "the sexton is out a hunting and the vicar is no friend of mine either'"


Parthenope says, "She said nothing but looked at him as though her heart would break."


Parthenope says, "They came across the second church the lady's stomach swelling."


Parthenope says, "Let us get married here my love! she spoke with joy."


Parthenope says, "no he said The Vicar is a sick man and the sexton is no better."


Parthenope says, "but...  You promised..."


Parthenope says, "She said sadly in her soft voice."


Parthenope says, "wi0h this he spun around palm in contact with her cheek, knocking her to the ground.."


Parthenope says, "when she stood her face was a bleeding and in a quiet voice breaking with tears she asked "So that is how it is?""


Parthenope says, "So that is how it  is he growled and started to continue walking."


Parthenope says, "Making herself go numb she spoke again I need to rest for our baby is ripe and ready..  She rubbed her rounded stomach"


Parthenope says, "Fine wait here by the road and I will go ahead and find a place he said."


Parthenope says, "She waits by the road while he walks ahead till he comes to a cottage."

Your mind hears Ashyleyy thinking, " need to shush on the notes, we already been threatened by one about talking about them on the gweths"


Parthenope says, "She waits by the road while he walks ahead till he comes to a cottage.  He enters the  cottage to see a lady weak and old lying in her bed. he plugs up her nose and places her hand over her mouth till she breaths no more.  He drags her out and buries her behind the little house"


Parthenope says, "He returns to the waiting lady burdened down with a child.  We are in luck, my dear old great aunt just passed 'way and left me her cottage just ahead"


Parthenope says, "So, to the cottage he brings her.   "

Your mind hears Ashyleyy thinking, "I don't want to lose my gweths too, so...just don't talk about the notes on the gweth"


Parthenope says, "He stays with her till thge baby be borne, though it was out of the way, there was a vegetable garden, and before long, he is back to his tomcatting ways across the countryside.."


Parthenope says, "Loving them and leaving them.  Visiting a few days every few weeks, bringing back a pig, sheep, a chicken, and such so they would not starve."


Parthenope says, "In this time, the woman bores daughters  more."


Parthenope says, "One day when the father returns, the three girls are gone(For the became the apple of his eyes..)"


Parthenope asks, "He askes the lady, where are my girls?"


Parthenope says, "they are out picking berries.  She replies avoiding his eyes"


Parthenope asks, "In the springtime?"


Parthenope says, "in the springtime...."


Parthenope says, "when night rolls round, he asks..."


Parthenope asks, "Where are the jewels I can never buy?"


Parthenope says, "Out fishing..."


Parthenope asks, "Even the baby?"


Parthenope says, "The lady remains silent..."


Parthenope says, "When morning comes, he demands"


Parthenope exclaims, "where are the apples of my eyes?!"


Parthenope says, "She says nothing..."


Parthenope says, "he beats her visciously, relentlessly pleading for her to change her story while she takes the blows crying passively"


Parthenope says, "finally...  She yells"


Parthenope exclaims, "STOP!  NO MORE!"




Parthenope says, "She speaks with strength though her body is beaten and broken tears flowing and mingling with pools of her blood on the floor..."


Parthenope says, "then in a voice quiet and scared she says"


Parthenope says, "they have grown swan wings and flew away...."


Parthenope says, "His jaw drops..."


Parthenope says, "stunned..."


Parthenope says, "He starts to again beat her demanding she does not lie..."


Parthenope says, "Hitting her with whatever he can find..."


Parthenope says, "his hand finds the handle of the butcher knife he uses to kill the beasts he brings back..."


Parthenope says, "and in one fluid motion the line between her life and death is severed with one smooth sweep as the blood pours from her severed hand..."


Parthenope says, "The man hears a noise outside and quickly pushes the lady's body under the bed..."


Parthenope says, "The door swings open..."


Parthenope says, "Then in walks three girls with milky skin and wispy gold hair, just as beautiful as she under the bed once was...   2 white wings upon each of thier backs..."


Parthenope says, "The middle one little more then 5 hides behind the oldest one's legs whom is most likely 10 and holds the babe in her arms...  She dazedly places the baby girl on the ground who starts to crawl around.  The girls are looking at the bloody room with wide eyes..."


Parthenope says, "the oldest speaks"


Parthenope asks, "Why is there blood everywhere my father?"


Parthenope says, "I was slaughtering a pig for your dinner my dear child. he replies."


Parthenope says, "the middle one speaks "Where is our beloved mother?""


Parthenope says, "Out picking berries he cooly replies."


Parthenope says, "his lies are not enough for the baby lets out a scream as she peeks under the bed...  The alabaster and blood splashed face staring back at her with glassy, empty eyes."


Parthenope says, "The others rush to see what troubles the child and as soon as they see too they all turn upon the father, clawing at him untill he too is dead as the mother..."


Parthenope says, "with that, the three girls fly out the door never to be seen by eyes of man again..."


Parthenope says, "When the man was sure he was dead, he stood up and brushed himself off and looked around.  Upon the bed was the lady with talons sharp and long, teeth jagged and bared, flesh foul and rotted, awaiting him to join her"


Parthenope says, "His eyes shoot open in disgust and terror as he runs from the house..."


Parthenope says, "he cries out shouting to the storming sky in the pouring rain"




Parthenope says, "but..."


Parthenope says, "it could not for he was already dead..."


Parthenope says, "he ran untill he came to a bonfire burning bright and cried"


Parthenope exclaims, "Fire bright and strong!  Burn me to ashes and dust!"


Parthenope takes a sip of her mead.


Parthenope says, "But the fire is so shocked and overtaken by the chill of death, it extinguishes to quickly cooling coals."


Parthenope says, "he throws himself on the ground and wails"


Parthenope gets a flask of Glythtide's Favor from atop a polished mahogany counter.


Parthenope exclaims, "Earth!  Send up your worms to eat me into oblivion!"


Parthenope says, "His wrists are grabbed by skelatal hands.  Those of the crone he killed long ago."


Parthenope says, "From the ground comes a worm long as a thousand worms, thick as a hundred..  The worm's face is that of the lady, even the hair be there, long and matted with coagulated blood..."


Parthenope says, "He screams and yells, but it is to no avail..  she licks her long, sharp, worm teeth with her long pointy worm toungue, before letting the slick toung move all over his body from his neck to his thighs not an inch it did not cover, whispering his name again and again into his ear... He begs for the long, slim worm to kill him, but she says with a cackle"


Parthenope takes a sip of her Favor.


Parthenope hiccups.


Parthenope says, "No, for a meal this good is to be enjoyed slowly..."


Parthenope says, "She roars and all other worms flee from his body..."


(Parthenope scans over the room, green eyes solemn..)


Parthenope says, "again she starts to caress his body with her toung reeking of death and decay...  The beast's toung finds it's way to his cheek and starts to lick in circles there..."


Parthenope says, "And with that she reaches down and takes a delicate bite from his cheek..."


Parthenope recites:


    "To Be'ort, god of bitter partings

      Zachriedek, needlessly harsh and cruel

      Asketi, crone of destruction

      Kerenhappuch, the mad seductress

      Dergati, the vengess goddess of Nightmares"


Parthenope recites:


    "Trothfang, lover of slow, painful deaths

      Huldah, the deciever

      Ushnish, of dischord

      Idon, the lord and leaders of rouges

      Botolf, dishonesty and deciet

      Aldauth - the faceless god of agony, torturers, fear, "


Parthenope quietly says, "sorry, can't help but dedicate to the Gods when i can.."


Parthenope smiles slightly, taking a sip of her Favor.





[back to Set List]

Parthenope quietly asks, "do we have time for another tale or two?"

Parthenope smiles slightly.

Parthenope quietly says, "a bit of time late though"

Parthenope quietly says, "but thank you"

Parthenope says, "Lothias.."

Parthenope slings a pike staff off from over her shoulder.

Parthenope offers Lothias a pike staff.

Parthenope says, "The speaker's staff."

Parthenope smiles at Lothias.

Parthenope says, "It's my night, dear and I give the last tale to you."

Parthenope says, "I need t'save some tales if I decide to perform again."

Parthenope smiles.


Lothias says, "You'll have to pardon me all, I'm peering through a bit of fog."

Ahira says, "I believe we all are Lothias"

Lothias says, "Very well."

Parthenope says, "That's the spirit, love"

Parthenope takes a seat near Lothias.

Parthenope gently kisses Lothias on the cheek.

Parthenope says, "Knock em dead."

Parthenope smiles.

Parthenope offers Lothias a pike staff.

Lothias accepts Parthenope's pike staff.


Lothias says, "My tale is entitled: Journey Bread, more powerful than the sword."


Lothias says, "Once while I was a young lad, I journeyed to far away Shard with my father, Marcus."


Lothias says, "My father, being a cleric, was going to Shard to worship at one of the many temples."


Lothias says, "He agreed to take me along for I wished to see the south, and one day in spring, we set out from home in Therenbourah to the south."


Lothias says, "We traveled long til we reached Crossings, then a fews after we had reached the beauty of Leth Deriel."


Parthenope winks at Lothias.


Lothias says, "We set off for the gondola, ever closer to Shard, when on the trail we heard the crashing of a beast through the underbrush."


Lothias says, "We trekked farther, until ahead of us there it was: the biggest, meanest, smelliest snowbeast one would ever see."


Lothias exclaims, "Twas 50, no 60 feet high, with teeth the size of halflings!"


Lothias says, "my father had failed to pack a sword, for in those days such a trip was safe."


Lothias says, "And I but a young lad, carried no blade."


Lothias says, "the snowbeast sought an easy meal, and surely my father and I were goners."


Lothias says, "It knocked my father to the ground with one swipe of its claws, and stood over me with gaping maw."


Lothias says, "but in my pack I had packed a round of journey bread."


Lothias exclaims, "Grasping at proverbial straws, I flung the bread into the beast's gaping maw!"


Lothias exclaims, "It stopped short, it acrid breat beating into my face. It stared ahead oddly for a moment, then proceeded to clutch its throat!"


Lothias says, "Raspy roars escaped its mouth, but to no avail, the beast fell to the ground and expired."


(Parthenope claps, smiling up at Lothias.)


Lothias says, "And thereby, bread my friends, is stronger than the sword."


Lothias bows.

Lothias says, "Thankie much, m'lady."

Lothias says, "A tall tale I like to recount."





[back to Set List]

Dreamheart says, "Thank you Parthenope for weaving your magic for us this evening, and thank you for the lovely extra surprise Lothias."

Dreamheart asks, "You were all a terrific audience, as always. Are there still drinks left?"


Millimbar chants:


    "More!  More!"


Parthenope says, "I have one more"

Parthenope says, "not so much a tale.."

Parthenope says, "but I hope to make a tradition of ending all my sessions with this.."

Parthenope stands up.

Parthenope says, "It's short, don't worry...."

Parthenope clears her throat.


Parthenope recites:


    "Once upon a sadden tear

     She remembers loosing her best dear.

     She sits upon the wilting flowers

     And memories pour to her head for hours."


Parthenope recites:


    "The mound of grass she kneels upon at ease

     Trying to find some kind of inner peace.

     She talks a loud with no one around

     To a stone that's marked "Heaven Bound"."


Parthenope recites:


    "What she doesn't know is she's not alone

     Theres an angel standing beside the stone.

     The wind she feels blowing in her hair

     Is the angel's sign to show he is there."


Parthenope recites:


    "He flutters his wings up and down

     As she turns around to find the sound.

     For the stone she kneels before to pray

     Is her best friend, the angel that watches her every day. "


Parthenope recites:


    ""Goodbye, I love you and I'll be back again"

     The angel whispers "I'll be waiting my friend. "


Parthenope quietly says, "and with that, we may enjoy the left over drinks and call it a night..."

Parthenope smiles slightly...

Parthenope quietly says, "and remember that no matter how long a friend is gone..."

Parthenope quietly says, "they never really are 'gone'."


Dreamheart recites:


    "Love once given,

     Is lost never.

     And in dreams exist,

     In the tense of ever."


Parthenope smiles.

Parthenope says, "Lovely set up you have"


Ailill sings in a baritone voice:


    "They are not dead who will not die

     But in a fevered dream they lie

     And wait to hear the trumpet's cry"


Parthenope says, "hope to tell here again sooner or later."

Parthenope smiles.








Priestess Parthenope Medusean, a Human [back to Guest List]

She has crystal green eyes, long thick black hair that is loose, and copper skin.

She is fairly young for a Human.

She is in good shape.


She is holding a flagon of honey mead in her right hand and a pike staff in her left.

She is wearing a red rose, a golden tasseled spear, a fine mesh backpack, a starry white narcissus, a darkly translucent amber tikka encasing a green scarab beetle, a milky glass unicorn suspended from a fragile chain, an anklet made of interlocked black opal scorpions, a narrow jade wedding band inlaid with a twining golden rose and a blood red loincloth.



Storyteller Ailill Dreaghnean, a Human Bard [back to Guest List]

He has jade eyes, very long thick amber hair that is tousled, and tanned skin.

He is young for a Human.


He has tiny scratches to the neck, faint scuffing to the right hand, faint scuffing to the left hand.

He is in good shape.


He is holding a flask of Glythtide's Favor in his right hand.

He is wearing some jet black fur-lined leathers, a leather reinforced helm, a silver key with a spider-web design on the grip, a long pouch, a leather aventail, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver ring bearing the crest of the Bard Guild, a marqueterie copperleaf locket, a forest green kilt, an emerald green quiver, a forest green sheath, some rich sable boots, a rich sable sack, an olive green backpack, a rosewood longbow, an ordinary shield and a carved pick.



Cemm Marcolin, a Human Warrior Mage [back to Guest List]

He has crystal blue eyes, shoulder length wavy brown hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.

He is young for a Human.

He is in good shape.


He is holding a snifter of Elothean windhaze in his right hand.

He is wearing a pale blue oval cameo locket, some black braies, a black leather scroll case embossed with the symbol for eternity, some hunting leathers, a sturdy weapon harness, a pair of polished black leather knee boots, a hooded longcoat, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a fragile black diamond rose, a full-sleeved black doublet with silver-hemmed slashing which reveals a finely woven white linen shirt beneath, a burlap backpack, a platinum engagement ring, a longbow wrapped in hand-tooled leather and a balanced light crossbow.



Dreamheart Delaevan, a Human Bard [back to Guest List]

She has grey eyes, shoulder length wavy auburn hair that is braided, and fair skin.

She is young for a Human.

She is in good shape.


She is holding a glass of golden perry in her right hand.

She is wearing a sjatmal gwethdesuan, a vibrant pink bellflower, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a waermodi gwethdesuan, some smoke grey leathers, a somber black hooded cloak, a sling, a carved silver pick, a canvas sack, a delicate goldbark wren and panther clasp, a carved wooden wren hanging from a soft leather cord, a tear-drop crystal earring and a fine mesh backpack.



Laureate Khory Deshah, a Human Bard [back to Guest List]

She has hazel eyes, very long thick strawberry hair that is loose, and fair skin.

She is young for a Human.

She is in good shape.


She is wearing a mist grey vanity case, a long mesh weapon harness, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a multi-faceted cambrinth ring set with a elegantly carved pale purple alexandrite rose with a twisting malachite stem which spirals around the ring accented with a spinel leaf, a lantholite gwethdesuan, a crimson leather hip belt fastened with an onyx buckle, a jet-black silk garter accented with a tiny ruby heart pierced with a diamond arrow, a bright yellow satin ribbon, a jangling golden hip-chain set with carved ivory roses, a black opal nose-stud, a weathered green traveling cloak, an origami sampler sack, a motley jester's tabard of faded green and gold satin diamonds, some spidery copper-rimmed spectacles, a delicate goldbark wren and panther clasp, a witch ball, some fine blood-red ruby teardrop earrings, a delicate gold rose ring, a ruby red satin rosette, a gold-banded lapis lazuli locket, a sapphire engagement ring, a wren feather pick, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a silver key with a spider-web design on the grip, a slender gold bracelet made from delicate interlocking hearts, a pale green spidersilk pouch pinned with a golden phoenix charm, some black leather thigh boots embroidered with the image of a phoenix rising in flight, a cut glass nightingale earring, a delicate wristlet of pale pink roses and gardenias twined with Elven ivy, a bronze medallion stamped with the image of a flying wren, a fitted silk bodice emblazoned with the crest of the Bard's Guild, a flowing emerald silk skirt embroidered with golden musical notes, some golden augmented mail and a crossbow crafted from fine Katamba-black wood that has been carved to suggest the shapes of long bones.



Larisah Darwenwood, an Elf Bard [back to Guest List]

She has grey eyes, long wavy amber hair that is loose, and fair skin.

She is young for an Elf.


She has faint scuffing to the left arm, faint scuffing to the chest.

She is in good shape.


She is holding a flagon of honey mead in her right hand.

She is wearing a light crossbow, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a silver cloak, a sjatmal gwethdesuan, a brushed silver armband engraved with a large jade glaysker flower, a gold-trimmed black spidersilk pouch, a fragile black diamond rose, a thigh quiver, a heavy platinum ring engraved with the image of a dragon grasping the emblem of the Bard's Guild between its claws, a small tikka festooned with elaborate silver ivywork, a hip pouch, a blue brocade backpack embroidered along the straps with a wren-in-flight pattern, some black riding boots with silver spurs, a slimming cerulean dress of soft, sighing silk that hugs the hips and is laced up the back with silver ribbons, a cerulean hip belt embroidered with intricate golden wrens, a shagreen instrument case embossed with the golden emblem of the Bards' Guild and a carved pick.



Ranger Littlefoot Elmseed, an Elf [back to Guest List]

He has crystal blue eyes, shoulder length wavy blue-black hair that is loose, and pale skin.

He is young for an Elf.


He has deep slashes across the left hand.


He is holding a pint of spring ale in his right hand.

He is wearing some doeskin leathers, a gleaming lemonwood recurve bow with snowbeast fang tips, some wolfskin boots, a full-sleeved white silk shirt, some side-laced doeskin pants, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a long mesh weapon harness, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, a silver and jet ring inset with a dark cambrinth crystal carved in the shape of a raccoon face, a thumb-ring exquisitely life-sculpted from fine silverwood, a wolfskin pouch, a long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong, a dark brown hooded longcoat decorated with fringe and hawk feathers, a silver viper ring, an opal unicorn charm, an eagle feather, a hand-stitched traveler's pack adorned with three golden eagle feathers and an inlaid turquoise and bone wristcuff.



Millimbar Natok, a Human [back to Guest List]

He has grey eyes, long thick golden hair that is loose, and fair skin.

He is young for a Human.

He is in good shape.


He is wearing a cotton shirt, a pale green spidersilk pouch pinned with a golden phoenix charm, a leather sheath, a deep blue belt sack embroidered with the image of a dragon rearing proudly over a battlefield, a banded silver albredine ring, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a multi-faceted crystal amulet on a thin silver chain, some cotton trousers, a blue sash, a soft silvery case and a ebony longbow.




Mocras Silivith, an Elothean Moon Mage [back to Guest List]

He has jade eyes, very long fine white hair that is tied back, and pale skin.

He is fairly young for an Elothean.

He is in good shape.


He is holding a pint of spring ale in his right hand.

He is wearing an ash longbow, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, a knee-length tunic emblazoned with the badge of the Opreina Moracul, a long mesh weapon harness, some reinforced greaves, a leather cuirbouilli coat, a weathered green traveling cloak, a necklace with a silver eternity knot dangling from the chain, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a waermodi gwethdesuan, a dark jade ring carved into the shape of the World Dragon that twines around the finger, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a pair of blue trousers batiked with a playful welkin sliding down the leg, a triskele medallion, a twisted cambrinth armband, some soft cougarskin boots, a silver thigh pouch, some reinforced hide gloves, a carved jade dragon pin with tiny faceted ruby eyes and an arm pouch stitched with a beautiful forest scene.



Mykk Dalys, a Halfling [back to Guest List]

You have blue eyes, short wavy black hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.


You have faint scuffing to the left arm, faint scuffing to the right hand, faint scuffing to the left hand, faint scuffing to the chest.

You are in good shape.


You are wearing a maroon wool coat, a white cotton shirt, a knotted leather belt, some grey wool trousers, a long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong, a willow backpack, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a jadeite gwethdesuan.



Nekayah Astyrel, an Elothean Bard [back to Guest List]

She has crystal blue eyes, very long fine platinum hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.

She is fairly young for an Elothean.

She is in good shape.


She is holding a pint of spring ale in her right hand.

She is wearing an oiled leather jacket, a leather scabbard, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a sjatmal gwethdesuan, some pitch-black leggings, a star shaped brass pin wrapped in silver wire, a small dragon charm, a ruby teardrop earring, a pair of black boots, a sturdy backpack, a snakeskin wrist sheath, an ebony arm pouch, a lantholite gwethdesuan, some pitch-black greaves, a forest green towel embroidered with a golden dragon, a foresters crossbow, a heavy silver medallion surrounded by tiny sparkling rubies suspended from a delicate chain, some pitch-black gloves and a pearl grey silk long pouch.



Richard Rahl, a Gor'Tog [back to Guest List]

He has grey eyes and ebon skin.

He is young for a Gor'Tog.


He has faint scuffing to the right hand.

He is in good shape.


He is wearing a silver chain, some flat-black mail gauntlets, a black cloak, an ebony thigh bag, a leather weapon harness, a spiraling cambrinth armband inlaid with a carved onyx ram, a midnight black hauberk, a cambrinth ring, a finely-tooled short quiver, some coal-black boots, a worked deerskin herb pouch, an ebony journey pack, a midnight black balaclava, some black leather trousers, a silver chain, a silver chain and an ash longbow.