Words Every Trader Should Know

Author:  Agalman Haskens, Prop., Haskens Tavern Supply
Source:  Asemath Academy, Library Hall

As ye wander about Elanthia in search of profit, ye'll come across all kinds of people.  Most of them speak Gamgweth, the language of commerce since afore the time of the Empire.  Here are a few Gamgweth phrases:

Do ye speak Gamgweth?           Gwer tema Gamgweth?
I am Agalman.                   Sa ama Agalman.
Who are ye?                     Sa pomger tema?
Greetings (formal)              Andu sann.
Hello!                          Heyo!
Goodbye                         Hentor abu.
Good luck, blessing, etc.       Sarabu!
Forgive me.                     Achor ama ziallar tema.
Ye insult me!                   Ziallar tema ama!
I don't know                    Mivardin ama.
No                              Din.
Yes                             An.
What?                           Pom?

Sometimes a little coaxing in a person's native tongue makes the difference between a happy customer and "not interested."  Here's a start, though if ye deal frequently with a particular race, ye should take the trouble to learn the language.

(I'm leaving out Elothean 'cause it's a bunch of mishmash that makes Elven seem simple.  The highbrows won't expect ye to know it anyway.)

             Honored Lord     Honored Lady   Friend    Thank Ye

Dwarven      bhaarquin        bhaarbanin     grek      Daith agy.
Elven        Dira'ila         Dira'ela       taneel    Arikehe.
Gor'Tog      lug don          lug bigah      vano      Maza garug.
Halfling     mieha kanraata   naisa liit     isaanen   Kyto ko.
Human        sannden          sanndel        makro     Bueser alyi tema.
S'kra Mur    poho             poho           smolgi    Rath'a saar.

             I don't know yer language       Yes       No

Dwarven      May oenvyos Thiirquinhaak.      ya        oen
Elven        Ei vereau Chui'lana.            halie     vau
Gor'Tog      Damug neh ket Tog.              dah       neh
Halfling     Jy oisa enn Olvio.              kyya      enn
Human        Gwerdin ama Gamgweth.           an        din
S'kra Mur    Pon'zh'sha S'kra.               s'shen    zhoss

Here are the native names for each language:

Dwarven                                   Thiirquinhaak
Elven                                     Chui'lana
Elothean                                  Gerenshuge
Gor'Tog (spoken)                          Tog
Gor'Tog (written)                         (none - use Gamgweth)
Halfling                                  Olvio
Human/Common/Trade Speech                 Gamgweth
S'kra Mur (spoken)                        S'kra
S'kra Mur (written)                       Eth'ral'khh