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On Jul 10, 2002 at 21:19 
Message Dwarf - Olvi Smoker, July 14th (214) 

Greetings fellow Olvi,

I've arranged a Smoker with our neighbors to the north, the brave, the fearless, the hearty heroes and drinkers, the Dwarves of Stone Clan.

If it's anything like the last party, we'll have enough drink and smokes to go around, but us Olvi should concentrate on the smokes--including like myself some extra pipes or whatever, we're going to have some fun teaching. The Dwarves should concentrate on the ale, since teaching smoking IS such thirsty work!

THIS time, we're going to get there when their meeting starts. (THIS Sunday, July 14th, 8:00pm eastern US time.) Also, it's my intention to be at the Arthe Hollow Inn a little earlier (around 6:00pm); I think gathering there first and getting everything ready works out and is fun, no?

--Mykk Dalys, Thain of Arthe Dale

Bawdy Balladeers
Daerlynn Concert Series, Arthe Hollow Inn, Arthe Dale.  (7/20/02, Saturday, 11:00pm est)

Bardic concerts are not really "Olvi" per se, but they are a chance to get out and socialize, and they are held in Arthe Dale.  No offense if you're not into them, but if you are, rather than post the whole schedule here, head over to the bard events page:  Bard Events