If you've watched the development of this website, you know it is my style to throw information at it and see what sticks.  Sometimes it will get moved, indexed, or deleted.

Here is where I will put information that doesn't fit quite right anywhere else.

Meeting Log

"Meeting log, get your meeting log here!"
This is the edited log of the Official Meeting of May 28, 2002.


GM-Fial, our race champion, has told us he has about 700 words for our language, and hopes to have 1,500.  Or something like that.  Amazing.  In the meantime, this is what we've known thus far.

Three Words in Gamgweth  (Gamgweth Dictionary)

Halfling = Dosiger
Halflings = Dosigaen
warm = arthe

Some actual words in Olvio!  (Words Every Trader Should Know)

Honored Lord = mieha kanraata
Honored Lady = naisa liit
Friend = isaanen
Thank Ye (sic) = Kyto ko
Yes = kyya
No = enn
I don't know yer (sic) language = Jy oisa enn Olvio