Balint Broadspan

[A Brief History of Alchemy]
Halfling book publisher renowned for his cheap editions, marketing abilities, and summaries of complicated texts.  At some time in his middle years Broadspan received a state contract to collate and publish a new series of magical texts for Asemath Academy.  He developed a personal interest in these, and soon progressed from publisher to dedicated alchemist.

Broadspan's personal contribution to alchemy was slim but telling.  One volume in his Asemath series focused upon a debate over the resource consumption of 3 creature types (living, metallic constructs, elemental beings). "Why use up resources to create something permanent when you only want to kill temporarily?"  Broadspan wrote in a brief forward.  "Why not just fake it like I do when I toss a magical but fictitious wet rag down some snobbish Elothian's back?"  This single remark sparked a new debate on the subject of magical glamouri, and ultimately led to the development of illusory creatures.