Bilboe Bagginss

Okay, I'm not a big fan of the name.  The character has been around forever though.

Bilboe Bagginss of Ilithi, a Halfling.

You cannot make out his features with the clothing he is wearing.
He is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
He is clean shaven.

He has minor swelling and bruising in the back.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an old backpack, a jet black crossbow, a heavy S'lai crossbow, a black leather hand-tooled highwayman's belt, some silver-tipped black boots with small star-shaped buckles, a deep crimson shirt with billowing sleeves laced closed at the cuff by leather cording, a silver key with a spider-web design on the grip, a polished granite pinkie ring, a silver ring bearing the crest of the Thieves' Guild, a pale golden albredine ring, a large copper hoop earring, a black jade amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord, a brushed silver locket, an ebony lockpick case, a darkened silver badge emblazoned with the words "Professional Locksmith", a long black hooded cloak, a tarnished silver cloak pin embedded with a scratched obsidian lockpick, a heavy silver charm bracelet, a silver kathla of nine expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Damaris, an epidote panther charm, an oaken bolt box acid-incised with images of hunting nobility and fierce animals in a wooded glen, some fine black cotton trousers with silver filigree along the seams, an ebony panther earring and a heavy S'lai crossbow.