Blosim Teireny

Blosim is one of the 16 Olvi of the Great Olvi Roadtrip, and one of the 12 to make the journey from Arthe Dale to Stone Clan.

She also has a portrait created by Crowolf!
(Portrait of Blosim)

[7/16/2000  The Great Olvi Roadtrip]
Healer Blosim Teireny, a Halfling Empath.
She has crystal green eyes, very long wavy strawberry hair that is loose, and fair skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
She has a tattoo of a winged heart surrounded by flames on her ankle.

She is wearing some iridescent satin slippers in a play of pastel colors, a gypsy kerchief embroidered with the image of a raging dragon, a sheer raven-black beaded lace gown accented by a deep crimson satin underdress, a set of pale hair beads carved to resemble twisted skeletons, some spidery silver-rimmed spectacles, an Empath "On-duty" button, a handcarved teak herbalist's case clasped with a crystal jadice flower, a silver-edged choker, a threadbare leather backpack splotched with unidentifiable stains, a leather sheath, a pure white velvet garter with silver buckles, a coral toe-ring, a simple pewter charm bracelet, a necklace made up of a number of tiny rat skulls sewn onto a brilliant silver thread, a dented tin picnic box with a thick copper handle, an onyx spider earring, a jet feather threaded with tiny bloodstone beads, an ebony shoulder satchel, a moonstone ear-stud, some arbelog claw gloves, a tarnished silver ring engraved with an oddly stylized Empath's guild crest, a lantholite gwethdesuan and a cambrinth armband etched with a scene of several Halflings in front of a cottage.