Canddi Cayyne

Canddi Cayyne, a Halfling.
She has crystal green eyes, long wavy ginger hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
She has a tattoo of a delicate heart nestled within a pretty red bow with the words "Get Lost!" stitched onto the trailing ribbon on her ankle.

She has faint scuffing to the head, tiny scratches to the neck, faint scuffing to the right arm, minor scarring along the left arm, minor swelling and bruising around the right leg, cuts and bruises about the left leg, tiny scratches to the right hand, minor scarring along the left hand, minor swelling and bruising in the chest area compounded by cuts and bruises about the chest area, faint scuffing to the abdomen, faint scuffing to the back.

She is wearing a crossbow crafted from fine Katamba-black wood that has been carved to suggest the shapes of long bones, a light crossbow, a balanced light crossbow, some gleaming mail gauntlets, an armet helmet, some crimson hunters embroidered with a silver falcon, a black leather hand-tooled highwayman's belt, a heavy gold armband set with a stained glass cartouche depicting a star-eyed panther, a darkened silver badge emblazoned with the words "Professional Locksmith", a burnished red gold filigree circlet set with a single blazing fire opal in an arch of star rubies, a set of pale hair beads carved to resemble twisted skeletons, some hammered gold toe bells, a black leather bullwhip, a delicate nautilus shell necklace, a dark red suede pouch with a banded red hawk feather clasp, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Thieves' Guild, a polished granite pinkie ring, an interlocking puzzle ring, a yellow Inconstancy rose, a jangling golden hip-chain set with carved ivory roses, a deep red velvet garter with iridescent sequins, a twisted brass charm bracelet, a glass scorpion charm suspended from a spidersilk cord, a soft leather lockpick case with a shadowy crest burned into it, an oaken bolt box acid-incised with images of hunting nobility and fierce animals in a wooded glen, a glittering quartz nose stud, a heavy gold ankle-chain from which dangle dozens of colorful glass charms, a silk-lined bodice purse, a sturdy backpack, a pair of fitted suede leggings with crystal beading on the pockets, a pair of ruby red silk slippers brocaded and beaded with elemental flames and a deep red knee-length tunic patterned with leaping orange flames.