Cefwen Rolyry

[1/18/2003, Michie concert at Arthe Hollow Inn]
Enforcer Cefwen Rolyry of Elanthia, a Halfling.
He has jade eyes. His russet hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose, tucked behind his ears. He has tanned skin.
He is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
He has a bushy, drooping mustache on his upper lip and a long tangled beard.
He has a tattoo of a ship under full sail scudding across a moonlit sea on his back.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a polished driftwood walking stick laced with leather cords, some black suede pants trimmed with carved bone buttons, a witch ball, a witch ball, a witch ball, a witch ball, a hand-tooled black leather pack, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, an elegant hooded sailor's cloak embroidered with a lithe sea monster, an ebon-hued quiver, some polished black leather thigh boots adorned with large brass buckles, a hip pouch, a cluster of dusky violet columbine, a turtle-shaped shell pin, a gold eyebrow ring, a taffelberry stained haversack, a worn onyx medallion, a supple leather belt buckled with a stylized dragon's head, a royal blue Kaith Kirm button, a vivid green Kaith Kirm button, a hook-shaped copper earring, a smooth linen tabard stitched with the crest of the Traders' guild, a darkened silver badge emblazoned with the words "Professional Locksmith", a tin grouper trinket, a brushed silver armband engraved with a large jade glaysker flower, a mist-filled crystal globe hanging from a fine gold chain, a brushed silver armlet set with a stained glass mosaic of the Traders' guild crest, a darkened metal lockpick case labeled "Thief Toys", a fine silver chain dangling an elegantly-wrought brass Estate Holder's key, a beribboned silvery silk pouch, a green gem pouch, a sailcloth vest trimmed with whalebone beads and gull feathers, a blood red silk sash, a leather sheath, a golden sphere set in platinum, a pair of mangled spectacles, a black leather bullwhip and a Nisha short bow.