Crystalkiss Ravenmagic

Crystalkiss was married to Olvi Tudemann.  They seemed to keep to themselves, but I always saw them together.  So I guess I consider them to be one of the noted Olvi couples of Elanthia, along with Squirt and Gabela, Rascalt and Teminesca, Mykk and Fizzia, and Eadain and Lindariel.  The couple times we talked, they seemed nice.

Crystalkiss Ravenmagic, a Halfling Moon Mage.
She has silver eyes, long wavy black hair that is loose, and fair skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a lasmodi gwethdesuan, some leather greaves, a waermodi gwethdesuan, some leather archer gloves, a pale green tunic, a living shroud of seaweed strands, a sea-green sack embroidered with seashells and starfish, an azure-scaled hide pouch, a canvas sack, a grey leather cuirbouilli coat embroidered with a flaming bolt, a silky white blouse, a deep ebony leather skirt, a sturdy black backpack, a jet-black silk garter accented with a tiny ruby heart pierced with a diamond arrow, a cambrinth shadowling charm suspended from a black satin cord, a smooth black agate ring with two singing wrens carved into the band, a white velvet ribbon, an ornate scabbard, some black riding boots with silver spurs, a soft gem pouch, a small ankle pouch with an embroidered strap, some soft black spidersilk stockings, a creamy white narcissus wreath, a beautiful white rose necklace, a necklace made from dozens of brightly-colored wooden beads, a pair of moonstone earrings, an onyx panther ring, a dainty flame rose wristlet, a delicate flame rose circlet, a cambrinth ring bearing the crest of the Moon Mage Guild and a diamond engagement ring