Dayzie Sparkal

[1/18/2003, Michie concert at Arthe Hollow Inn]
Dayzie Sparkal of Elanthia, a Halfling.
She has mismatched eyes, one black and one crystal blue. Her blue-black hair is long and curly, and is worn unkempt. She has pale skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.

She has faint scuffing to the left arm, faint scuffing to the right leg, faint scuffing to the left leg, faint scuffing to the left hand, faint scuffing to the chest, faint scuffing to the abdomen, some minor twitching.

She is wearing some hyacinth blue gloves, a pastel yellow mask, some full double leathers dyed a warm burgundy and decorated with bright yellow sunbursts, a dark gem pouch, a tarnished silver ring inset with cambrinth skulls, a light blue blanket with dark blue patches, a periwinkle quilted cape, a red sash, a sunshine yellow pack, a sturdy weapon harness, a red velvet ribbon, a wooden ring carved in the shape of a curled mouse, a nose-stud, a red garnet mouse bauble, an interlocking puzzle ring, a small linen sack embroidered with comical chickens, a stylized ivory Tokka card medallion overlain with a hematite web, a lilac-starred cookie bag, a large copper hoop earring, a gauzy silk bodice adorned with a chain of silver bells, a black velveteen skirt tied with a white coral beaded sash and showing an edge of ivory lace petticoats at the hem, some empty spectacle frames and a silver ring engraved with twining moons and stars.