Derri Bramblebury

Jokester Derri Bramblebury, a Halfling Bard.
She has an oval face with laugh lines, sparkling violet eyes and a button nose. Her black hair is long and wavy, and is worn loose. She has rosy skin.
She is young for a Halfling.

She has faint scuffing to the head, some faint scars along the head, faint scuffing to the neck, faint scuffing to the right arm, faint scuffing to the left arm, faint scuffing to the right leg, faint scuffing to the left leg, faint scuffing to the chest, faint scuffing to the abdomen, faint scuffing to the back, faint scuffing to the left eye.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a black Gorbesh composite bow with tips fashioned in gold, a soft beige leather journey pack with reinforced straps, some ivory slippers edged with tiny golden bells, a silver eyebrow ring, a hip pouch branded with the image of a single musical note, an herb pouch elaborately embroidered with a diamond pattern in copper-colored thread, some polished toe bells with multi-colored enameled jester diamonds, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a patchwork cloak of rainbow-colored silks with gypsy knotwork embroidery, a pair of pale pink knickers, a colorful beaded tart pouch with purple silk ribbon ties, a finely crafted cerulean blue Bard's bag clasped with a tiny silver keg, a jester's tunic sewn with rich violet and jade green satin diamonds, a polished lacewood pick, a latticed golden tart pin, a twisted cambrinth armband, a polished silver Bardic Spirit Knot charm hung from a violet silk cord, an armet helm, some mail gloves, a chain shirt and some chain greaves.