Fairuza Fuzzelwump

Fairuza was once lost--ask her or Fizzia to tell you the story sometime.  She found her way back from danger, though, and I believe is retired in Arthe Dale.  Though occasionally I still see her about.

Sensitive Fairuza Fuzzelwump, a Halfling Empath
She has blue eyes, shoulder length curly golden brown hair that is tied back, and rosy skin.
She is a tartsnatcher for a Halfling.

She has faint scuffing to the neck, faint scuffing to the right arm, some tiny scars across the right arm, minor scarring along the right leg, an occasional twitching in the left leg, faint scuffing to the right hand, some faint scars along the chest, tiny scratches to the abdomen.

She is holding a glass of taffelberry punch in her right hand and a chocolate crackle in her left.
She is wearing a leather mask, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a waermodi gwethdesuan, a coiled heavy rope, an ordinary shield, some tasseled leather gloves, a white chenille bag, some peony-pink poplin overalls, a sea-green sack embroidered with seashells and starfish, some reinforced greaves, a leather cuirbouilli coat, a white knapsack, a patterned suede herb pouch and a cambrinth ring.