Fial Fadail

Photo credit goes to "Mirandia" and the pictures she posted from Simucon 2002.

GM-Fial volunteered to be the Olvi Race Champion at the inception of Race Champions.

My impression of GM-Fial is that of a viscous coder; he's entrusted with some major systems in DR, primarily the Substances system, but also Mining.  I believe he used to play a halfling character.  So I see him taking breaks from what must be a lot of coding to sometimes toss us Olvi something, and it's usually something very cool.  [ed. note-- GM-Damissak and other GMs pretty much confirmed my impressions on the boards]

He's thrown two contests so far, a design a tobacco/cigar contest, and an Olvi proverbs contest.  Not only were both great ideas, but GM-Fial has this way of tweaking the prizes in such ways that are very unique to the game, to the point where I think the man has friends upstairs <g>.

GM-Fial and GM-Morzy (Liaison) held one Halfling meeting, where they took down a lot of Olvi input to file away for future use.  [ed. note-- and their second meeting was absolutely incredible -- second meeting log]

He helped, I'm sure, on the Arthe Dale Mini-Fest.  The Fest was not unique to halflings, and being "event-ish" I'm thinking Morzy had a lot to do with the merchants and inventory.  But somebody thought to put it in Arthe Dale, and created Bungle's Knoll for the occasion.  Actually, what I think GM-Fial's contribution was is Woolly Tanglefoot, the wandering elderly man of Arthe Dale who if you ask him nice might sell you a cigar or some tobacco--coding permanent wandering merchants can't be that easy.  Was even a mini-puzzle at the fest about it.

I keep thinking of more.  He began a re-write of our entire smoking system.  He has some ideas that are amazing, including but not limited to the ability for us to teach each other special smoke-shapes.  The first perk of this rewrite is already available, in that you can now choose the smoke-shape.  Some new shapes too.  [ed. note--I'm thinking I need to rewrite this page-- are you NOT aware of Smoking 2.0???]

GM-Fial's approach on the boards is business like, but professional.  From me that's supposed to be a compliment.  He is effective, thorough, and doesn't have time for a lot of idle chit-chat.  And while his posts may be few, once in a while his posts remind us he does check the boards frequently.  I just think he's more into doing (gasp) work on the game and it's systems then spending a couple hours a day posting.  Go Fial!

It's sad, but there are some races that don't have permanent champions yet.  We're very lucky to have Fial on our side :-)

Thanks Fial.

PS. Fial's in-game persona knows a good cigar when he sees one.
PPS. But OOC, the Fial is allergic to tobacco smoke.

[10/10/2001  Arthe Dale Mini-Fest]
GameMaster Fial Fadail, a Halfling.
He has violet eyes. His dark brown hair is and wavy with a white streak running through it, and is worn loose. He has dark brown skin.
Fial has transcended time.
He is in good shape.

He is holding some Gold Crown tobacco in his right hand and a Pantel spice cigar in his left.
He is wearing a slender toe ring woven with purple and green crystalline strands, a leather aventail, a leather helm, some gloves, some leather greaves, a plain portable hole, a narrow braided leather belt with small flasks hanging from it, a journey pack and a gold badge.

[05/28/2002 Fial's Second Official Olvi Meeting]
Olvi Fial Fadail, a Halfling.
He has crystal green eyes. His dark brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has rosy skin.
Fial has transcended time.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a woven black mesh bandolier brushed along the edges with silver, a journey pack, a plain portable hole, a narrow braided leather belt with small flasks hanging from it and a double-stringed crossbow.

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On Jun 13, 2002 at 11:21 
Subject Just a head's up for the book contest. (167) 

Hello to all my fellow Olvi -

June has turned into being a rather hectic month, and I'm a little later in sharing the details of the forthcoming book writing contest than I had originally intended.

I will be posting the official rules of the contest the first week of July. The contest will be open the whole month of July, so that will give you plenty of time to write your entries, spell check them, spell check them, and spell check them again.

Please hold off all your questions until you see the rules, and I'll respond then. Glad to see so many of you enjoying the new smokes!


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On Jun 11, 2002 at 19:43 
Message Re: Simucon News! (1096) 

>> I don't know about anyone else here but I've never heard of the guy.

That too bad. He's one of the top (if not the top) developer on staff. His work with substances is going to revolutionize DR.

>> I've never seen him post anywhere about his position with poison. I've never heard him ask for any input.

Probably because it just got assigned to him and he hasn't done any work with them yet. When he does begin that work, I'm sure he'll be by.

>> Maybe it'd be a good idea for him to get in touch with us instead of sitting on his hands.

Maybe it would be a good idea to understand the situation before making assumptions. The work that GM Fial has done over the last two years is nothing short of breathtaking and will finally be seen by players before too much longer. To remotely insinuate he has been sitting on his hands is insulting.

To have GM Fial in charge of something you want done well and want done right is very much a blessing. You will someday be happy about the day you heard he was placed in charge of poisons.

>> Why do we need more boxes? If the GM staff is undermanned then I suggest they prioritize the work. I don't think a new round of boxes is anything that should be getting attention before stealing, Thief bonus, and a ton of other things.

Perhaps the people who can code new boxes are not the same people that can redefine the Thief bonus, rewrite stealing, and / or the ton of other things. SGM Maelona has addressed that point to near extinction (I guess it isn't sinking in).

GM Damissak