Glak Mcrain

[6/14/2002 Crossing]
Mage Glak Mcrain, a Halfling.
He has grey eyes. He has cropped white hair and black skin.
He is a tartsnatcher for a Halfling.
He is clean shaven.

He has cuts and bruises about the neck, deep cuts across the right hand, tiny scratches to the left hand, some faint scars along the right eye, tiny scratches to the left eye, minor scars across the left eye.
He is bleeding slightly from the right hand.

He is wearing a sturdy backpack, a spidersilk tote, a diminutive cambrinth troll, a flowing black linen shirt, a silver ring embellished with a carved cambrinth dragon, a dark silk-edged tabard embroidered with twin crossed swords, a black leather baldric, a carved pick, some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps, a tarnished silver whiskey flask and a twisted cambrinth armband.