Griffina O'Cavanaugh

Griffina, Olvi Warrior-Mage Extraordinaire, and her trusty falcon Iggles, are always willing to help an Olvi out.  Spends much of her time on the islands.  She's a grand adventurer, and is always involved in some plot or another.

Mykk came close to dying on a couple of these adventures... but Griffina always got him out alive.  Including Under Crossing, and our adventure in Dunshade Manor.

Often seen with Basselope, Human Paladin, fellow Dunshade Adventurer, and Olvi-Friend.  One of my favorite times hunting was with Basselope and 4 Olvi:  Griffina, Fizzia, Prala, and Mykk.  Other friends I've met through her are Hipcrey (Olvi) and Besoro (Elf).

Hopefully Griffina will offer some more insight into her character <g>.

LOOK: 12/28/2001

Griffina O'Cavanaugh, a Halfling.
She has jade eyes, shoulder length straight red hair that is tousled, and fair skin.
She is a tartsnatcher for a Halfling.
She has a tattoo of a dragon made of blue ice breathing white flames on her ankle.

She is wearing a twisted gold and cambrinth bracelet inset with a swooping obsidian vulture, a painted seashell necklace strung with blue ribbon, a cookie bag, some chain greaves, a brass dragonfly trinket, some fitted suede leggings, a dark spidersilk pouch, a belt of heavy beaten gold medallions etched with a sunburst design and linked with tiny brass bells, a dark green bodice embroidered along the edges with silver ivy leaves, a sunshine yellow backpack, a deep sable three-forked sword belt with brass buckles and fittings, a belt quiver fashioned from a carved hollow mammoth tusk, a cooking pot lid painted with a strawberry tart, a rosewood longbow, a chain shirt, a blackened chain coif with a silvery steel eye-guard and some blackened mail gauntlets worked with silver gryphons.