Ieon Malkivian

OOC, Ieon is known for being one of the best at roleplaying "evil".  He has roleplayed many hold-ups successfully, and garnered tons of RPAs for them.

IC, I don't know him that well.  I'm guessing he's Olvi through and through, but I would suspect if he grins at you, you've already lost your coinpurse ;-)

[3/25/2000  "Short" Picnic]
Bandit Ieon Malkivian of Elanthia, a Halfling Thief.
He has one silver eye and one gold eye, short thick dark brown hair that is tousled, and fair skin.
He is a tartsnatcher for a Halfling.
He is clean shaven.

He has some faint scars along the chest.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a cooking pot lid, a Nisha short bow, a single shoulder cape that covers the right side of the body, a black spidersilk backpack, some polished black greaves, a dark blue nightingale feather, a darkened metal lockpick case, an onyx panther pendant and a snakeskin wrist sheath.