Ka'len "The Sea Drake"

[The Sea Drake]
An account of the fall of Ka'len and the Dolefaren.

[Human Histories (Lanival's Tale)]
Ka'len -- called the Sea Drake -- was the master of the Dolefaren, a great ship of war.  Ka'len himself was a spunky Halfling with a massive mop of black hair and one eye lost from past battles.  Dolefaren has been identified over time to be an Old Gamgweth word for 'Victory'.

Ka'len was active in the Resistance Wars, when the Seven Star Empire was just beginning to fall.  A master of ambush on the sea, Ka'len both boarded and rammed ships, although it is said he used that last only when the first was not possible (some say out of pity for the enemy, some say because an intact ship is worth more than a sinking one, I am partial to believe it was both).  Ka'len was called a pirate and a friend by Lanival in the early wars.

As Lanival's right hand maritime warlord, Ka'len supported the great wizard in his tireless work to split the Empire into the five Realms.  Ka'len ultimately met his end in the straits of the Segoltha Sea, narrowed in by five enemy Elven warcraft.  Although he carried two of the ships with him, he and the Dolefaren sunk in the icy sea, forever lost, to Lanival's sorrow.

[Elanthian Calendar]
Ka'len, called the Sea Drake, gives his name to the second month.  A great sailor he was and therefore it is appropriate that this month, at the end of which the sailing season begins, is named after him.

Dolefaren, the brigantine of Ka'len, gives its name to the ninth month, for it was in this month that the ship and her captain slipped down through the icy waves as the lands of Elanthia fall into the chill of winter's grip.