Melindrha Quinnell

Excepting Fizzia, there was a time Melindrha, or Meli to her friends, was my best friend in Elanthia.  Now I haven't seen her much lately (December 2001) and I'm not sure what's up.

Having said that, she did get back in touch with me, and even put a post up on the DR Halfling boards, but basically real life has her tied up.

Great player, great Empath.  Nickname "Meli the Meanie".  Self-proclaimed gossip-queen.

I have a cleaned log of her wedding to Tirsten on 4/21/2001, but as of today (4/1/02) the links are broken, something to do with transferring it to my new domain.  Still, it was a fun wedding, even if Tirsten's player did sell the character not too long after, and the new Tirsten didn't know Meli...

HEY!  Meli is back!  I think she's been back for a short while, but I just got to see her today at Rascalt's party! (7/7/02)

The Wedding of Tirsten Evanwood and Melindrha Quinnell

[4/21/2001  Her wedding to Tirsten]
Meanie Path Melindrha Quinnell, a Halfling Empath.
She has crystal blue eyes, very long curly strawberry hair that is loose, and tanned skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
She has a tattoo of an iridescent winged butterfly on her ankle.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a bouquet of tiny blossoms encircling creamy white moss roses on a bed of ivy in her right hand.
She is wearing some tiny crystal rose earrings, a slender crystal pendant, a twisted crystal wristband, a tarnished silver halo, a translucent ice-blue spidersilk veil edged with tiny diamonds and emeralds, a carefully woven mesh of spidersilk designed to wind around the toes and ankles, a pair of carefully crafted spidersilk ice fae wings, an exquisitely simple ice-blue spidersilk shift overlaid by ivory lace, a wide white gold ewys engagement ring set with heartstones and diamonds, an ivory spidersilk garter edged in Elven lace and tiny seed pearls, a translucent spidersilk scarf fastened with a diamond rose, a cheerful ivory ram charm, some beaten silver toe bells and a black tankard-shaped badge etched with the insignia of the Tavern Troupe.