Molli Lithehande

[10/8/2001  Arthe Dale Mini-Fest]
Nepenthe Molli Lithehande, a Halfling.
She has hazel eyes. Her golden brown hair is very long and curly, and is worn loose. She has rosy skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.

She has some faint scars along the head, deep cuts across the neck, severe scarring and ugly gashes about the neck, tiny scratches to the right arm, minor scarring along the right arm, faint scuffing to the left arm, some faint scars along the left arm, deep cuts across the right leg, faint scuffing to the left leg, some faint scars along the left leg, faint scuffing to the right hand, some faint scars along the right hand, faint scuffing to the left hand, an occasional twitching in the left hand, cuts and bruises about the chest area, severe scarring along the chest area, tiny scratches to the abdomen, minor scarring along the abdomen, faint scuffing to the back, faint scuffing to the right eye, faint scuffing to the left eye.
She is bleeding slightly from the right leg.

She is holding a deep-fried terati filled with sweetened gooseberries and pecans in her right hand.
She is wearing a pair of pale pink knickers, a tobacco pouch, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a waermodi gwethdesuan, a brushed silver cloak pin inset with a twisted crystal cebi root, an Elothean silverwillow crossbow, an Empath "On-duty" button, a silvery satin rosette, a vivid green satin rosette, a milky glass unicorn suspended from a fragile chain, some tiny crystal rose earrings, a glass eagle trinket, a deep blue satin garter threaded with narrow black ribbons, a polished granite pinkie ring, a goblin-skin headband, a purple iris, a golden lyrandia blossom, a brass Halfling trinket, a pig made out of pale pink seashells, a tiny nightingale charm, a periwinkle quilted smoking-jacket, a circlet of delicate silver doves on a wreath of malachite laurel leaves, a purple sweater knitted with dozens of floating tarts, a rope belt woven from rainbow-colored nemoih strands, an embroidered cotton apron, a clear crystal necklace cut to look like a string of diamonds, a spiraling crystal brooch, a filigreed gold anklet hung with tiny ovals of carnelian, a filigreed gold bracelet studded with frost opals and hung with tiny bells, a gold ring bearing the crest of the Empath Guild, a small cut amethyst mouse pin with a curled wire tail, a citrine cat bauble, a slightly bent copper ring set with a chipped cambrinth stone, an iridescent silk tabard set with shimmering gemstone butterflies, a foxglove bloom, a roseate crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord, a wide platinum charm bracelet, a yellow Star-eyed rose, a brown velvet ribbon, a cambrinth armband etched with a scene of several Halflings in front of a cottage, a small nest-shaped doll pouch, a brooch depicting a nightingale with crystal tipped wings, a handcarved teak herbalist's case clasped with a crystal jadice flower, a swirling colorful silken dress, an ebony thigh bag, a multicolored anklet of cracked glass beads, a pair of misty pink elbaite toe-rings, some thin-soled velvet slippers with spiraling straps, a pale Dream rose, a golden finger claw, a slender toe ring woven with purple and green crystalline strands, a shimmering dark blue cloak, a hide-covered wooden shield painted with a raspberry tart and a pure white wool backpack stitched with a small lamb.