Monnayeur Tenaceur

[4/6/2003, Crossing Trader Tables]
Monnayeur Tenaceur of Elanthia, a Halfling.
She has jade eyes. Her platinum hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn loose. She has rosy skin.
She is a daydreamer for a Halfling.
She is in good shape.

She is holding some miniature leather-bound books in her left hand.
She is wearing a sturdy black backpack, a tag sack, a wire and aquamarine pin, a full dark blue suede skirt with lace-trimmed petticoats, some half-moon spectacles with azure-tinted lenses, a camouflaged alaca chunenguti with a soft desumos hide grip, a richly beaded traveler's cloak, a cerulean feedbag stitched with tiny daisies, an ebonwood caravan care kit set with long jade veins etched to resemble blades of grass, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a black leather sheath, a delicate bracelet formed of gold-dipped rosemary leaves, a brushed silver armlet set with a stained glass mosaic of the Traders' guild crest, a frosted glass lirum-shaped anklet, a pair of carved bone-tipped hairsticks, a dark gem pouch and a fluid pearlescent blouse.