Morzy Chudwuj

Yes, we are not only extremely lucky to have a Race Champion, we even have our own Race Liaison!  The way I understand it breaks down is Fial is the coding guru, and Morzy is more events.  So when I went to the Arthe Dale Mini-fest during Race Week 2001, and see the Olvi merchants and stock, I think Morzy.  Could be wrong, of course.

>Morzy whispers, "You missed the Intros, I'm the GM who has volunteered to help GM Fial out with his endeavors. Now you have two of us to kick around."
>Morzy whispers, "A GM with the heart of a halfling. Fial needs help, so I'm going to help him."

Fial says, "Morzy is more on the events side, while I'm more on the coding side of things. Though we both cross the line some."

And like Fial, I get the impression Morzy lurks the Halfling boards regularly.

[4/15/2001  Fial's first meeting]
GameMaster Morzy Chudwuj, a Halfling.
He has black eyes, thinning white hair, and fair skin.
Morzy has transcended time.
He is clean shaven.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a pair of berry-stained knickers with bright red suspenders, a lime green linen shirt with purple pockets, a dark brown leather shoulder satchel with a gold buckle and a solid gold toe-ring set with a sparkling tart-shaped ruby.