Mykk Dalys

Hello!  I would rather be working on other parts of my site than writing a biography.  But thanks for looking!

Sometime though.

How 'bout them buttons to the right!  They make more sense on longer pages, but I like them so far.

There are a lot of player sites out there far more advanced than mine.  My technical goal is to make mine user friendly and easily navigated, and I think I'm doing that pretty well so far.  On a slightly tricky side, pages such as this one and the books in the library do not use frames or tables, only java and cascading style sheets (css).  Good for me, as I'm teaching myself all of this as I go.

A fault of the website is you need IE5.5 or better, ideally, though it looked *mostly* right in Netscape 6+.  I just can't get excited about learning how to write for cross-browser compatibility.

Last neat thing technically I'm proud of is what I call the "scrunchability" factor.  You can resize most windows of my website fairly impressively in my opinion, and have them still be workable and legible.

I hope you are liking what you see so far.  Today is December 26th, and I'm making updates almost daily.  So if something looks like it's still under construction, it's because it is.  Check back in a couple days <g>.

Got bogged down in also trying to learn how to use CSS to totally do away with tables.  I think I figured it out, but right now it's not worth fixing something that isn't broke.  As of tonight, I think I will have converted my website from 3 style sheets to 1, which was another technical goal of mine.  THEN I hope to start getting back to adding content!  Been keeping up with the news fairly well though :-)  Thanks for visiting.

Oh, and I removed all the tracking coding.  It was fun while it lasted.  Pretty useful, found out what screen resolutions most of you are using, and what pages you tend to visit, etc.  I wasn't thrilled that it was putting cookies on your computers (didn't know that at first) or the fact that after a month, they wanted to charge me.

Busy busy.  Life is busy.  In-game is busy.  People used to complain there were not enough releases.  For some time now, the GMs put out more releases and areas then I will ever have time to follow or visit.  Really amazing work.  Also, I think we have an amazing Race team in Fial and Morzy.  It's pretty unreal some of the stuff they have released and are working on.

I'm still enjoying the site.  Looking back on it, I don't think there is a single page I wouldn't rewrite for one reason or another, but it's just gotten too big.  Still doing pretty good about keeping up on the news, I'm up to 143 halflings logged in my Olvi of the Realms section, and now have 25 concert logs edited and posted in the Bards section.

I've gotten many nice words of encouragement, and am starting to get contributions too.  Thanks everyone.

--aka Mykk

[4/21/2001  Wedding of Melindrha and Tirsten]
Thain Mykk Dalys of Elanthia, a Halfling.
You have blue eyes, short wavy black hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.
You are clean shaven.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a deep crimson silk rose embroidered lightly in silver threading, a black three-button wool formal jacket with silk lapels, a black silk bowtie, a white cotton shirt, some pleated black wool trousers, a purple tapestry satchel embroidered with a gilded taffelberry branch -- the emblem of the Arthe Dale Trader's Guild, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a curved drop-trigger crossbow.

[3/4/2000  Wedding of Rock and Eyoni]
Mykk Dalys, a Halfling.
You have blue eyes, short wavy black hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.
You are clean shaven.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a sweeping cerulean blue greatcloak edged with golden gypsy knotwork, a full-sleeved white silk shirt, some cerulean blue dueling pants embroidered in gold with wandering vines around the waist and cuffs, a cerulean blue libation caddy with an embroidered flap, a black velvet viol case, an azure leather sheath inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a steel-studded weapons belt, a willow backpack, a long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong, a jadeite gwethdesuan and a kyanite gwethdesuan.