Pinwheel Breezeheart

[6/22/2002 Inessa Concert, Arthe Dale]
Sorrower Pinwheel Breezeheart, a Halfling Empath.
She has mismatched eyes, one violet and one grey. Her honey hair is very long and wavy, and is worn loose. She has tanned skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
She has a tattoo of a ghost ship floating in the eye of a swirling funnel of water on her shoulder.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a tasseled leather waterskin, a silky white blouse, some mini leather legguards, some mini leather vambraces, some arbelog claw gloves, a cambrinth ring, a floppy periwinkle hat with miniscule daisies embroidered on the liripipe, a braided horsehair bracelet, a carved mother-of-pearl ear cuff, a colorful feathered mantle with a deep hood, a peacock blue apron, a fuzzy gem pouch, a thigh pouch, a cooking pot lid, a cornflower blue tart pouch decorated with hand painted dancing tarts, a pearly enameled button badge depicting a mermaid and dolphin leaping into the air silhouetted against a blue moon, a chipped coral hook, a periwinkle paisley snood, some periwinkle paisley overalls, a soft doeskin corselet, some oyster shell hair combs, a liana-wrapped ring, a carved bamboo bracelet, a milky glass unicorn suspended from a fragile chain, a mesh sack, a citrine egg bauble, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a deep ebony scarab amulet inset with emerald eyes, a frayed blue skirt dotted with tiny jadice flowers, a stuffed toy raccoon knapsack with fuzzy woolen straps attached to its shoulders, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, a cambrinth shadowling charm suspended from a black satin cord and a worn leather arm sheath tooled with the image of a cobra wrapped around a sword.