Shawnny Keyless

[early 1998]
Shawnny Keyless, a Halfling
She has one crystal green eye and one crystal blue eye, very long wavy amber hair that is braided, and fair skin.
She is a kneebiter for a Halfling.

She is wearing a pair of polished black gauntlets, an obsidian black bassinet, a panther earring, a silver chain, some hunting leathers, a dagger arm sheath, a crystal panther amulet, an ebony thigh bag, an Elothean silverwillow crossbow, a light crossbow, a silver key with a spider-web design on the grip, a coal-black hip pouch, a ruby signet ring, a signet ring, a pair of black calfskin hipboots, a midnight black quiver, an ebony journey pack, a black velvet cloak embroidered with a silvery web upon which sits an onyx spider, a jadeite gwethdesuan and a kyanite gwethdesuan.