Simper Envelypmynt

A friend of Melindrha's.  Been around forever.  In fact, I see he was a Daydreamer back at the beginning of 2001, he could be in the running for oldest Olvi running around too.

Simper Envelypmynt, a Halfling.
He has crystal green eyes, shoulder length fine strawberry hair that is tied back, and rosy skin.
He is a daydreamer for a Halfling.
He is clean shaven.

He has faint scuffing to the right arm, faint scuffing to the left arm, deep slashes across the right leg, faint scuffing to the abdomen, faint scuffing to the back.

He is wearing a tall pewter tankard, a red-oaken keg carved into the shape of a sleeping dragon, a triskele medallion, a cerulean blue lute case embellished with elaborate gold embroidery, a sprig of mistletoe, a jade ring carved into the shape of a mug of frosty stout ale clenched by a halfling hand, a thigh quiver, a bright green robe embroidered with hops and barley and fastened with ram's horn buttons, a wren feather pick, a jadeite gwethdesuan, some rainbowed chain, a leather sling, an azure hemp traveler's pack emblazoned with a Halfling sharing a dark ale with the World Dragon and an azure leather sheath inlaid with mother-of-pearl.