Swiser Burnwoid

Wife of Snothwoven
Loves tarts (what sound minded Halfling wouldn't!)
Lives In Riverhaven, but can often be found in Arthe Dale.

Valkyrie Swiser Burnwoid of Therengia, a Halfling.
She has crystal blue eyes. Her black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. She has copper skin. A square-cut glacier emerald is positioned between her eyes, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.
She has a tattoo of a blood-red scorpion curled around a black rose on your wrist.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a forester's crossbow, a lapis lazuli bones bauble, a tarnished silver whiskey flask, a golden choker hung with a silk webbed ring surrounded by nightingale feathers, some polished toe bells with multi-colored enameled jester diamonds, a low-cut white lace summer dress woven with golden ribbons, a diamond engagement ring, a sturdy weapon harness, a white gold wedding band carved in the shape of a ring of flames, a gold badge etched with the words "I love Paladins.", a cocoon woven from shimmering pearlescent spiderweb strands, a prominent silver toe-ring set with a sculpted panther-shaped ruby, a platinum eyebrow ring, a silver adder ring with ruby eyes, a wickedly jagged dagger charm dangling from a dark obsidian earcuff, a gold spiral earring set in the center with a small grey pearl, an ebonwood wristcuff with a sapphire-eyed ebony panther, an elegant dark jade bracelet that holds the image of a sleek panther, a delicate gold necklace with a strongbox charm, an epidote panther charm, a sleeping ruby scorpion charm on an ebony spidersilk cord, a smoky jade armband etched with the image of shadowy cats, a delicate silver eyelid piece shaped like a wizened claw, a silky black lace garter with cornflower-blue ties, a dark crimson garter accented with black beaded lace, a woven silver hip chain adorned with polished amber beads, a deep green albredine ring, a shadowy black traveler's pack embroidered with tiny golden lockpicks, a tightly laced black silk bustier with dove-grey piping along the seams, a long ebony hooded cloak, some dark reinforced greaves and a black leather coat studded with crocodile teeth and painted with a raging dragon across the back.