Taffei Snarf'ntart

Taffei is one of the most adorable Olvi I know.  You can't hang out with her and not have a good time.  (The player is top notch too, very nice and creative.)

She is a faithful Cleric of Glythtide, and I've called on her services on more than one occasion.

Got to see her today at a party the newly-returned Rascalt threw.  She reports her studies at the Cleric's Guild keep her very busy! (7/7/02)

She also has her own website!
Taffei's Journal

Sister Taffei Snarf'ntart of Elanthia, a Halfling Cleric.
She has ale-brown eyes, very long thick ginger hair that is braided, and tanned skin.
She is a tartsnatcher for a Halfling.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a tobacco pouch, a dark green leather thigh pouch branded with a stylized dragon, a dark blue ankle sheath bearing a black stylized dragon, a verdant green herb pouch appliqued with silken leaves and clasped with a golden cow charm, a hip pouch, a clouded green albredine ring, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Cleric Guild, a frosted onyx cambrinth ring bearing the crest of the Cleric's Guild, a black spidersilk backpack, a chain shirt, a full chain helm, some black gauntlets, some chain greaves, a battle-worn weapon harness studded with darkened steel emblems of the gods, a cooking pot lid and a sling.