Tyrathia Myneran'Ra

Well, that's quite the tattoo!  I've met Tyrathia, she is nice, if often understandably busy <g>.

Tyrathia holds the distinction of possibly knowing more about festivals than any other player in the game.  Check out her website:  http://drfuturepast.com/

[3/4/2000  Wedding of Rock and Eyoni]
Tyrathia Myneran'Ra, a Halfling.
She has gold eyes, long curly blue-black hair that is braided, and copper skin.
She is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
She has a tattoo of a stylized rendition of a perilous and stormy wave carrying a graceful grey dolphin with a tiny Halfling child in tow set within the concentric Olvi sigils "SEA" and "DEVOTION" curling around the eye on her left temple.

She has faint scuffing to the neck, some faint scars along the right arm, some tiny scars across the left arm, some tiny scars across the right leg, some faint scars along the left leg, some faint scars along the right hand, some faint scars along the left hand, tiny scratches to the chest, minor scarring along the chest area, faint scuffing to the abdomen, some faint scars along the back, a bruised and swollen right eye, faint scuffing to the left eye.

She is holding a blue crystal shard in her right hand.
She is wearing a lantholite gwethdesuan, a sjatmal gwethdesuan, a thigh bag, a monogrammed duffel bag, an indigo gem pouch, a sturdy aqua backpack, an ordinary shield, a full leather helm, a sea-blue suede bodice with mermaid-shaped emerald clasps, a necklace with a silver eternity knot dangling from the chain, a small ankle pouch with an embroidered strap, a carved pick, a blue ribbon, a woven seaweed cord strung with dolphin-shaped aquamarine beads, a silver ring set with an emerald carved in the shape of a leaping dolphin, a soft leather coin purse embroidered with indigo waves and clasped with a whorled medallion in silky black and deep sapphire, a pearly enameled button badge depicting a mermaid and dolphin leaping into the air silhouetted against a blue moon, a seafoam green silk purse with a mother-of-pearl button, a delicate animite armband knotworked in a whorled spray of ocean-blue star sapphires, an interlocking animite chain anklet with a myriad of tiny ocean-blue spinels, a soft grey and deep indigo shell etched with a scene of the sea at twilight, an Empath "Off-duty" button, a pair of fitted suede leggings with crystal beading on the pockets, a set of supple leathers with ocean waves worked into the indigo leather, a pair of supple winged boots with ocean waves embossed in their indigo leather, a raven claw amulet and a sharkskin thigh pouch clasped with a carved shell button.