Zincir Cloudbreak

I don't know that his player stayed in the Realms all that long, but he was a good friend and trader while he did.

One of 16 Olvi of the Great Olvi Roadtrip, and one of the 12 who travelled from Arthe Dale to Stone Clan.

[7/16/2000  The Great Olvi Roadtrip]
Zincir Cloudbreak, a Halfling Trader.
He has ale-brown eyes, short curly russet hair that is loose, and fair skin.
He is a whippersnapper for a Halfling.
He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his face.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a sturdy brown backpack, a black satin cravat, a sunny yellow cracker bag, some black socks embellished with Ilithi diamond stripes around the top, a sleek kidskin belt purse embossed with the crest of the Trader's Guild, a lantholite gwethdesuan, a wine-red felt vest, some fawn brown kidskin pants, a large sack, an azure damask satchel embroidered with a silver dragon -- the emblem of the Fayrin's Rest Trader's Guild, a waermodi gwethdesuan, a gold necklace with a miniature Kronar charm, a small marble crystal ball suspended from a delicate silver chain, some smoke grey wolfskin boots, an engraved silver caravan pin, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a smooth black agate ring with two singing wrens carved into the band, a darkened silver ring engraved with a seven-pointed star, an elegant white silk shirt with pleated sleeves and ruffled cuffs, a broad-brimmed hat, a deep red ermine-trimmed greatcloak with a silver-studded black leather mantle, a jet black leather belt and some silver steel-rimmed spectacles.