Fial's Smoking 2.01

NOTE 6/13/02:  The following is taken from the log of the Olvi meeting GM-Fial held on 5/28/2002.  Sorry it's not better organized, it's the best I can do right now.

Fial says, "ok these announcement pale in comparison to what I am going to tell you now"
Fial says, "I've been working on the smoke images since the last update."
Fial says, "and tonight"
Fial says, "I am releasing phase 2"
Fial says, "one sec"
Morzy smiles.
Morzy hums the music to Jeopardy.
Fial says, "every Olvi type smoke list"

>smoke list

     IMAGE - SKILL          IMAGE - SKILL          IMAGE - SKILL
      deer - master*       dragon - master        rabbit - master    
     pixie - master        kitten - master         troll - master    
     horse - master       paladin - master          whip - master    
     cloak - master         stump - master         fleas - master    
   daisies - master       unicorn - master          rams - master    
    bandit - streamer        ship - whiffler       grave - sneezer   
      fish - wheezer   

  * = Teachable Image

 Total images known = 19

Morzy chuckles.
Fial says, "ok this is how it works"
Fial says, "there are 19 images"
Fial says, "that you currently know"
Fial says, "and 3 that only 3 Olvi know"
Fial says, "they are teachable"
Fial says, "not only to Olvi but to all races"
Fial says, "but only Olvi can teach"
Fial says, "there are 5 levels of images"
Fial says, "based on your skill with that image"
Fial says, "there are 6 levels of experience"
Fial says, "the 6th level is where you are able to teach"
Fial says, "if you notice the Bandit, Fish, Ship and Grave images have different levels right now"
Fial says, "that is mainly to show you the lower image rank names"
Fial says, "they are not all as complete as I would like, but they all work"

Fial lofts several strands of smoke from between his lips that twist together, creating an image of a sleepy dragon. The dragon raises its angular head, rolls over onto its side and then lies down, slowly closing its eyes.

[Arthe Hollow Inn, Common Room]
The room is filled with jovial conversation, laughter, much toasting and a layer of smoky haze. Guests of all races mingle at the long, low tables. A Halfling holding a very large mug of beer jumps in front of the stone fireplace, lets out a whoop and bursts into a spontaneous song. Daisy Burdock, the inn's waitress, maneuvers adeptly through the crowd carrying a tray of mugs and occasionally glancing out the window. A menu is posted at the archway next to a prominent sign. You also see an image of a sleepy dragon, an image of a sleepy dragon, a burning white candle, a crate filled with gifts, some scuffed yellow slippers, a smoking-jacket sloppily embroidered with a wolf pattern in grey thread, a tart cart with some stuff on it, an Olvi meeting list, an open doorway, some wooden stairs, a polished wooden bar, and a wooden menuboard.
Also in the room: GameMaster Solomon, Olvi Morzy, Iron, Hypocrantulous, Sherley who is sitting, Hipcrey, Grunt Gumpok, Cayene, Drifter Kardlo, Olvi Sukey, Taleweaver Anli, Empath Xandesa, Rehlyn, Momus, Medic Aoibhegreine who is sitting, Magess Katrynya, Shockka, Apprentice Artimisha, Snothwoven, Doomsayer Mirrabelle who is sitting, Fizzia who is sitting, Brother Oszidwam who is sitting, Sensitive Minminx, Gwhidon who is sitting, Olvi Fial, Olvi Toefurr who is sitting, Lookout Meragin who is sitting, Olvi Shaunn who is sitting, Olvi Griffina, Olvi Eadain who is sitting, and Olvi Mykk.
Obvious exits: out.

Morzy points at an image of a sleepy dragon floating in the air.
Fial waves at an image of a sleepy dragon, causing it to dissipate.
Shaunn grabs at an image of a sleepy dragon but his fingers pass right through the smoky image, destroying it.

Solomon asks, "did you already show em the new trick?"
Fial asks, "which trick?"
Fial takes a long drag off his clay pipe.
Fial lofts several strands of smoke from between his lips that twist together, creating an image of a sleepy dragon. The dragon raises its angular head to glance at Solomon, then rolls over onto its side and lies down, slowly closing its eyes.
In rapid succession, Fial puffs out a series of lines that form an unfinished web which seems to entangle Mykk in its strands. A smoky spider quickly completes the web, then crawls atop him to feast on its prey.

Fial says, "to make images"
Fial says, "you inhale some smoke"
Fial says, "then exhale line <image name>"
Fial says, "you have to use the whole word"

Fial says, "ok"
Fial says, "to continue with more info"
Fial says, "Olvi type Smoke Help"
Fial says, "you will see a list of commands and instructions on how to teach"
Fial says, "Fizzia here knows one of the 3 images that you all don't"
Fial says, "so she can teach"
Fial says, "I'll open the room for a moment so you can see the command"

>smoke help

Smoking commands are:
Inhale - to draw smoke into your mouth.
Tap - to tap ashes off a cigar.
Clean - to clean out a pipe.
Smoke - to puff a cigar or pipe.
Smoke List - to list the smoke images you have learned.
Exhale - to exhale inhaled smoke.
Exhale (Rings|Balls|Lines) - to exhale rings, balls or a line of smoke.
Exhale (<player>|<creature>|<object>) - to exhale smoke at a player, creature or object.
Exhale Line <image name> - create a smoke image from one of your known images.

As an Olvi you can teach images to others.
To start teaching someone a teachable smoke image, you must use:

Smoke teach <image name> <player's name>

This will initiate the teaching session.
Then, Your student must listen to you.
Next, you need to perform the image you are teaching, so your student can see it.
After you make your image, your student should attempt to make it. If the student is not successful, you must perform the image again before your pupil makes another attempt.
Eventually with enough practice your student will catch on and learn the image.

Fial says, "ok"
Fial says, "The smoke drifting errors I know about, and they will be fixed with the new substance system"
Fial says, "Olvi have a few other things they can do with images"
Fial says, "if you are at master level, you can direct the image towards something or someone."
Fial says, "like exhale line dragon solomon"
Fial says, "will give slightly different messaging"
Fial says, "and Olvi can also choose to make a lower level image"
Fial says, "by including a number in the line"
Fial says, "exhale line dragon 2"
Fial says, "will give you the 2nd level image"
Fial says, "if you know the higher one."
Fial says, "The best a non-Olvi can hope to obtain is 3rd level, 2nd level for S'kra and Prydaen, 1st level for Rakash in moonskin. Once you reach your highest skill level no more experience is awarded. Each smoke image has its own experience counter."
Fial says, "That is due to the shapes of their mouths"
Fial says, "oh and by the way, the ironic thing is, in real life I am alergic to tobacco smoke."
Morzy chuckles at Fial.
Fial says, "so don't come blowing smoke in my face, please"


[The following smoking information was taken from scattered about the rest of the log.]

Sherley asks, "do you just smoke to raise your smoking skill?"
Fial says, "make images"

Fial says, "only top level images can be directed"

Fial says, "now all images have descriptions"
Fial says, "so don't forget to look at them"
Fial says, "'and other stuff"

Fial says, "there are 19 images and each image has at least 10 different messages"
Fial says, "then each image has a description when you look at it"
Fial says, "so that makes 15 per image"

Fial says, "here's another secret"
You hear the voice of Fial say, "poof"
Rivulets of smoke glide out of nowhere, twisting together to form a picture of a sleek horse with a caped rider. The rider pulls back on the reins and the horse rears back, thrashing its forelegs in the air.

Shaunn asks, "Will we receive messaging when we advance?"
Fial says, "no, just check your list"

Fial says, "use exhale line dragon at person"